Follow a Thrive Market Delivery From the Warehouse to Your Door! Plus Our 2016 Annual Report

Last Update: August 3, 2021

Our 2016 Annual Report is here! Inside, we share all of the highlights from the past year: exciting partnerships, our campaign to bring food stamps online, and details about how Thrive Gives has made a difference in the lives—and health!—of our members.

Thrive Market’s mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. Because millions of Americans can’t afford to pay a premium on healthy products or don’t live near a grocery store, Thrive Gives provides free memberships, grocery stipends, and educational content to make healthy living more approachable.

But that’s not all! Inside our Annual Report, we trace the journey of a box of Thrive Market’s groceries from our warehouse to a member’s door—and compare the environmental impact of shopping online to getting groceries from a traditional brick-and-mortar store.The results might surprise you! Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Thrive Market
Spend a few minutes shopping online and place your order. The average order costs $53.41.

Traditional Grocer
Drive to the store, stroll the aisles, and add products to your cart. At a local store, the average order costs $118 and people spend 41 minutes per trip shopping (that’s more than 50 hours per year!)

Thrive Market Box Items

Step 2

Thrive Market
Once you place your order, your items are packaged at our fulfillment center. The carbon footprint of Thrive’s offices total 350 metric tonnes of CO2 annually.

Traditional Grocer
After choosing your items, you wait in line to checkout. The carbon footprint of comparable national grocery chains totals 6.57 million metric tonnes of CO2 annually.

Step 3

Thrive Market
Next, your products are shipped directly from one of two warehouses. Fun fact: The carbon footprint of e-commerce shopping is estimated to be about one third of brick-and-mortar stores!

Traditional Grocer
Once you pay for your groceries and pack them in the car, it’s time to drive home. Each year, 7 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions are attributed to weekly household trips to the grocery store.

Thrive Market Box

Step 4

Thrive Market
Within a few days, your items arrive in a 100% recyclable package!

Traditional Grocer
Each year, 100 billion plastic bags move through the hands of consumers.

Photo credit: Alicia Cho

By joining Thrive Market, members not only help their own families—they offer another family the chance to thrive, too. For every paid membership, we donate one to someone in need through our Thrive Gives program. To learn more, download your copy of the 2016 Thrive Gives Annual Report.

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