Healthy Obsession: Turn Your Office Into a Spa With This Mini Diffuser

November 3, 2015
by Courtney Wissot for Thrive Market
Healthy Obsession: Turn Your Office Into a Spa With This Mini Diffuser

Take a deep breath: We've found your ticket to paradise Monday through Friday—and it doesn't involve using up a single vacation day.

If you're a fan of essential oils, meet your new best friend: GreenAir's USB Aroma Diffuser. It's small, sleek (unlike some of the bulky eyesores out there), and powerful. And all it requires is a tiny bit of space on your desk, a cup of water, your computer, and your favorite essential oil.

Just fill it up, plug it in, and zen out.

For the office, we're loving these oils misting in the air around us—not just because of their heavenly scents, but for their mighty aromatherapeutic powers that help us power through the day:

Peppermint: To energize and get you past that 3 p.m. slump sans caffeine. It's also known for boosting memory and concentration.

Lemongrass: To cleanse the air (a necessity when you're surrounded by tuna fish sandwich eaters) and reinvigorate your spirits.

Lemon: To boost your body's immune system and help avoid that cold that's been going around.

Eucalyptus: If you do fall prey to the seasonal flu, eucalyptus helps clear your head and your sinuses.

Lavender: To relax and unwind between meetings, and soothe away tension headaches.

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