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Regenerative Brand Roundup: How Regenerative Agriculture Supports a Better Food Future

While it is possible for individuals to make change, it’s a whole lot easier when people band together. When it comes to something as impactful as changing our long-standing food systems, more and more forward-thinking brands know that regenerative agriculture is our best bet for a sustainable food future — and by forming organizations like ...

Understanding Regenerative Farming Compared to Biodynamic & Organic

Certified organic. Regenerative farming [1]. Biodynamic certification [2]. If you’ve been on the pulse of the food movement in recent years, you’ve likely heard about each of these practices and maybe even made an effort to shop for them when you can. But what’s the difference between regenerative farming versus Biodynamic, or Biodynamic versus organic? ...

Envisioning a Biodynamic Future With Crofter’s

When the USDA Organic seal was introduced in 2000, it quickly gave consumers a clear way to differentiate pesticide-free fruits and veggies with their sprayed counterparts. Now, the sheer variety of food standards, certifications, and labels can cause even the most educated consumer to do a double take when they’re strolling grocery store aisles.

Discover Thrive Market Biodynamic® Pastas (and Taste the Difference!)

The story of Thrive Market Biodynamic® Pastas begins in the Tavoliere delle Puglie region of Italy, where organic whole wheat is biodynamically farmed and crafted into pasta using old-world techniques. Not familiar with biodynamic farming? Below, we’re breaking it down and offering a closer look at how the technique sets our pasta apart.

Biodynamic Agriculture: How Farms Qualify for Certification

If you wait long enough, trends always seem to come back around. Take biodynamic farming—it used to be all the rage until industrialization took hold after World War II, and while this method never completely disappeared, it’s been enjoying a resurgence in recent years as consumers become more interested in learning how their food is ...

What’s Clean Wine? Plus the Wine Industry Dirt You Should Know

Over the last six months, we’ve been hard at work developing a clean wine collection for our members—and during that process, we were shocked at how difficult it was to find wines that met the same quality standards we’ve set for our food and household products. For us, this means wine in its most honest ...

If Sustainable Farming and Fruity Flavor Are Your Jam, You’ll Love These Spreads from Crofter’s Organic

Crofter’s Organic Biodynamic Fruit Spreads aren’t your ordinary toast-toppers. The apricots, blueberries, and strawberries used in this new line come from biodynamic farms, which work with the earth’s natural rhythms to sustainably produce crops in a way that respects the lives of everyone living and working on the farm—from the plants to the livestock to ...

Back to the Roots Brings the Benefits of Biodynamic Farming to Your Cereal Bowl

You may have noticed a new biodynamic label popping up on produce and packaged food. The distinction refers to a special farming method that actually isn’t new at all—it’s based on the principles of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and has been practiced and further developed by farmers and researchers since the 1920s. As consumers become more ...

What Does Biodynamic Mean, Anyway?

I see “biodynamic” on a lot of food labels these days. What does that even mean? Biodynamic farming takes a holistic approach to agriculture. This type of farming focuses on is best described as a give and take. Instead of just constantly taking from the land, biodynamic operations also give back, allowing nature to thrive. The Biodynamic Association describes ...

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