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How Halo® Is Bringing Sustainable Agriculture to Pet Food

Can a pet food company help the industry move away from industrialized agriculture? Halo is committed to making it happen. We talked with the team—including the CEO and a natural rancher—to find out how the brand’s value trio of being “Holistic. Whole. Humane.® ” creates better food for your beloved pet while caring for the ...

18 Best Cat Products: From Food to Litter

One of the perks of owning a cat is that, for the most part, they’re pretty self-sufficient. However, that doesn’t mean felines can’t be downright particular when it comes to their food, toys, grooming, and general care. At Thrive Market, we are understand that your pets are an important part of your family. In fact, ...

Yes, Pet Health Insurance Is a Real Thing

Most pet parents love to think of their dogs or cats as furry little members of the family. After all, we buy our pets Halloween costumes and t-shirts, only the best toys, and treat them just like the human members of the family. Slippers are no longer just a cat—she’s your fur baby and likes ...

How Often Do Dogs And Cats Really Need Baths?

Going for a walk or playing in the park with your dog can be an adventure—or a disaster. Because inevitably, it happens: Your furry friend finds something awesomely gross and decides to roll around in it.

What’s With the Cattitude? 11 Quirky Cat Behaviors, Decoded

They’re notoriously aloof, can be territorial towards other animals, finicky with food, and sometimes selective of humans.

Pets Can Go Paleo Too—Here’s How!

Like its oldest and closest ancestor, the African wildcat, domestic felines are natural born hunters. Tom and Jerry, Itchy and Scratchy—cats’ obsession with catching and eating mice is iconic for a reason.

Forget Fillers And Chemicals—Your Pet Deserves Healthy, Wholesome Food

Ever see resemblances between humans and their pets? It’s a thing. Clearly our pets are a reflection of us, and the way we eat is no exception. As a nation, we’re gulping down alarming amounts of processed foods packed with chemicals and preservatives. And tragically, we’re giving the exact same stuff to our furry friends.

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