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The 10-Day Detox: Reboot Your Body in 10 Easy Steps

It’s hard to avoid toxins in everyday life—after all, they’re lurking in everything from your daily cup of coffee to the sunscreen you slather on your face at the beach. But toxins can slow you down, make you gain weight, and keep you from performing at your best. It’s no surprise that 10-day detoxes are ...

How a Well-Stocked Pantry Can Help You Detox

Out with the old and in with the new! If you’re ready to give your body a little reset, don’t miss this roundup of top products, tips, and recipes to help you feel your best.

Activated Charcoal Soft-Serve Recipe

[schema description]Chill out with a scoop of creamy soft-serve that’s anything but basic. We blend whole milk, cream, and sugar with activated charcoal, an ingredient that goes through a special heating process (aka “activation”) which helps boost its detoxifying properties. This dessert is ready in just 30 minutes, but if you prefer a thicker consistency, ...

Your Guide to Detoxing with Dr Mark Hyman

There’s a lot of different advice out there on how to get summer-ready, but because we want to make sure you’re not only looking your best, but feeling your best, too, we recently sat down with Dr. Mark Hyman to talk about detox and digestion.

Deep-Clean, Exfoliate, and Detox Your Skin With This DIY Activated Charcoal Soap

Toxins are everywhere—from the air we breathe to household dust—and even if you’re vigilant about making changes where you can, daily exposure means your body is always working hard to process and eliminate what it absorbs. A few ways to avoid toxins include buying organic produce, replacing plastic food containers with glass, and using natural ...

Thrive Tries It: An Easy, Effective Smoothie and Supplement Cleanse

Full disclosure: Cleanses petrify me. If I wasn’t so inspired by Get Real founder Jordan Rubin’s incredible story, I’m not sure that I would have signed up for this challenge. But 20 smoothies and some 50 probiotic and omega capsules later, I’m a believer.

Help! I Have a Hangover!

“No matter how much water I drink with my eggnog, I still wake up the morning after the office Christmas party with a throbbing headache. Any natural ways to fight this awful side effect of a fun night out?”

3 Reasons To Try An Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Want to get healthier without taking a pharmacy’s worth of supplements and pills every morning? Try something a lot more enjoyable: Sink into a bath. It’s time to bring back an old favorite: an Epsom salt bath. It’s the most luxurious way to get your necessary vitamins.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Body Loves to Detox

Feeling bloated and run down? Maybe your stomach is misbehaving. With a summer full of vacations and barbecues coming to a close, your body might be begging for a reboot for fall.

Another Way to Take Coffee—No Drinking Involved

If someone said that it was possible to get a magnified version of coffee’s caffeine boost and bathroom benefits from ingesting your java a different way, would you try it? If the answer is yes, consider the coffee enema.

The Benefits of Including Bone Broth

What do Kobe Bryant and ancient South Americans have in common? They’re both big fans of the nutrition world’s hottest new trend. Bone broth is having a serious moment in the health and nutrition world, but this newly dubbed superfood has been around for ages. In fact, an ancient South America proverb claims that, “A ...

How to Kick Your Sugar Habit In Just 3 Days

Mmm…donuts. When it comes to sugar, Homer Simpson is the everyman. His drooling reaction to donuts might as well be any of us at the grocery store, staring at racks of cupcakes, candies, and sodas. Collectively, we’re a nation addicted. But you don’t have to be.

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