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Why Thrive Market Invests in Carbon Offsets

As we work to ship healthy groceries across the country, Thrive Market inevitably creates emissions. Despite our best efforts toward sustainability, packing and shipping have an impact on the environment — and that’s something we need to hold ourselves accountable for.  We recently reached Climate Neutral Certification thanks to a combination of lessening our emissions ...

A Protein Bar with the Caffeine of an Energy Drink & The Nutrition of a Snack

Why do most people eat energy bars? Is it to stave off hunger between meals? To fuel up before a workout? For an afternoon pick-me-up on a busy day? The founders of Quantum Energy Squares wanted to address all of these concerns in a better, more efficient way than traditional energy bar brands. They knew ...

Looking for an Alternative to Energy Drinks? Meet Quantum Energy Squares 

Some of the best products come about from one simple question: Why doesn’t that exist? That’s exactly how the founders of Quantum Energy Squares developed their caffeine-fueled energy bars. “I was looking for a healthy source of energy,” says co-founder Leah Marquez. “Whenever I worked out or had a busy day ahead, I drank an ...

Tired All The Time? You Could Be Deficient in This Mineral

There are a lot of reasons you might be feeling tired right now: an extra busy workday, a bad night’s sleep, or staying up too late binge-watching your favorite show. (Sound familiar?) 

How to Get Energy Without Caffeine

Some people (like Michael Pollan in his new book, This Is Your Mind on Plants) have argued that caffeine powers the modern workforce. If you agree, you probably see your morning cup as an absolute must. But we promise, there are ways to sharpen your mind and get your energy flowing that don’t start with ...

5 Ways to Bring Some Zen To Your Desk and Your Work Life

Stress is a natural part of most jobs—a little stress can motivate us to finish projects on time and come up with new ideas, but when the pressure becomes too great, it can take a serious toll on workers’ health. 

Strange Home Rituals That Can Actually Increase Your Happiness

Marie Kondo’s New York Times bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, promises a happier, cleaner, clutter-free life.

6 Steps to Kick-Start the Morning For the Best Day Ever

Good morning! Not so much? Then it’s time for a morning routine overhaul.

7 Simple Tricks to Help You Nail Your College Midterms

We all have that one college friend. The one who, a week or so before exams, would exile themselves to the library to study, only to emerge after their finals with a much paler complexion and heavy rings around their eyes.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Body Loves to Detox

Feeling bloated and run down? Maybe your stomach is misbehaving. With a summer full of vacations and barbecues coming to a close, your body might be begging for a reboot for fall.

7 Easy Ways To Help Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

There’s nothing particularly menacing about a burger. An all-beef patty surrounded by a fluffy white bun and topped with a slice of cheese is an American icon, after all.

America’s Most Popular Fruit Gets a Makeover

How do we love thee, banana? Let us count the ways.

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