A Protein Bar with the Caffeine of an Energy Drink & The Nutrition of a Snack

Last Update: March 28, 2024

Why do most people eat energy bars? Is it to stave off hunger between meals? To fuel up before a workout? For an afternoon pick-me-up on a busy day?

The founders of Quantum Energy Squares wanted to address all of these concerns in a better, more efficient way than traditional energy bar brands. They knew that many people were looking for not only a healthy snack, but also a boost of energy — which they were often getting from not-so-healthy sources, like energy drinks or an extra cup of coffee.

Along with experts like dieticians and food scientists, they developed a bar that combines real, whole foods with a dose of caffeine sourced from organic coffee beans to offer a pre-workout (or pre-school-pickup) energy boost without the usual crash.

Caffeine on an Empty Stomach

Is it bad to consume caffeine on an empty stomach?

For many people, consuming energy drinks or coffee without a balanced meal can cause feelings of anxiety (which many people describe as feeling “jittery”), or a crash in energy later on.

Unlike caffeinated beverages, Quantum Energy Squares were developed to slow the release of caffeine into the bloodstream by balancing the green coffee beans with macronutrients from other whole food sources. This is why the bars may be such a beneficial part of many people’s diets: because they combine a wholesome snack with a caffeine source.

Is Caffeine a Nootropic?

Yes! Caffeine is considered a nootropic, or a substance that improves focus, learning, and memory. Studies show that caffeine works by stimulating neurotransmitter release from nerve cells in the brain, which contributes to an increased sense of energy, focus, and alertness.

How Quantum Energy Squares Balance Caffeine With Whole Foods

In order to maximize the benefits of caffeine without the usual crash or jitters, Quantum Energy Squares balance the caffeine with real, whole food ingredients that prolong the effects of caffeine for many hours (and not only do those ingredients help to smooth out the caffeine, they also offer health benefits of their own). Here are a few of the most beneficial ingredients in Quantum Energy Squares:

  • Healthy fats. Fat from ingredients like MCT oil, chia seeds, almonds, and peanuts act as natural energy sources.
  • Plant proteins. 100% plant-based protein sources like peas, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and chia seeds are important for recovery after a difficult workout.
  • Wholesome carbohydrates. While many energy bars are loaded with sugars and carbohydrates, Quantum Energy Squares contain a balance of simple and complex carbohydrates from ingredients like dates, nuts, seeds, and organic agave syrup.
  • Natural sweeteners. Instead of added sugars, which can cause the dreaded sugar crash, Quantum Energy Squares get their sweetness from natural monk fruit and fresh dates.

Caffeinated, Plant-Based Energy Bars for Every Lifestyle

Here are some of the best ways to incorporate Quantum Energy Squares into any lifestyle. Try them…

  • As a pre-workout snack before hitting the gym (or the Pilates studio, or the Peleton)
  • For new parents, throw one into your diaper bag to combat the fatigue that sets in from that interrupted sleep schedule
  • As an easy-to-grab energy boost during a long bike ride, hike, or camping trip
  • As a mid-workday alternative to the usual energy drink or coffee break between meetings
  • In place of breakfast when you’re rushing out the door for your morning commute
  • As a nutritious pick-me-up during late night work shifts or college study sessions

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