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How WELL PEOPLE Is Pioneering Innovative, Plant-Based Cosmetics

If you think “plant-based beauty” means sacrificing the staying power of traditional cosmetics in exchange for good-for-you ingredients, WeLL PEOPLE is about to change your mind. This green beauty brand is blazing a trail in the industry thanks to three founders—an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, and a dermatologist—who are committed to using nontoxic, renewable, and ...

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products That Actually Work? Planet Makes the Grade!

If choosing the best eco-friendly cleaning products feels overwhelming, head over to browse the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning. Its database of more than 2,500 products—like Planet’s Delicate Laundry Wash and Ultra Dishwashing Liquid—gives you the scoop on ingredient safety and generates a rating score for everything from hand soap to cleaning spray.

Goodbye, Razor Burn! This DIY Shave Butter Hydrates Skin Without Nasty Chemicals

Feeling the burn? When little red bumps appear on freshly-shaven skin, consider it your body’s way of saying it needs a little extra TLC. After all, the skin is our largest organ, and easily absorbs everything we put on it—even shaving cream. That’s why we made a DIY shave butter that uses gentle yet nourishing ...

Meet Nourish Organic, One of the Natural Beauty Industry’s Pioneering Brands

Remember the days when you couldn’t find a single organic beauty product in a drugstore or grocery store? Times sure have changed! Natural beauty is more mainstream now, thanks to companies who believe that since much of what you slather onto your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, hazardous chemicals and questionable ingredients shouldn’t be ...

Meet Your New Favorite Sunscreen—Made With Natural and Organic Ingredients

If you’ve been a little lax applying sunscreen during the cooler months, it’s time to get back into habit of daily application! We know, it’s just one more step in your beauty routine, but it’s also one of the most important. The main reason we need sunscreen is to protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation, ...

Thrive Tries It: My Two-Week Test of Juice Organics Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

These days, deciphering the ingredient lists of your favorite beauty products can be so frustrating because it’s difficult to tell what all those chemicals actually mean.

What Does “Natural” Mean On Food Labels?

Although many supermarket staples can contain preservatives and chemical ingredients, there’s also a good selection that’s nutritious and natural. But—what does “natural” mean, exactly?

Add It Up: Why You Should Care About Fake Colors, Flavors, and Preservatives

The piece of bread in the toaster, the dressing on that “healthy” salad, the sports drink athletes chug after a brutal workout—they’ve all got additives.

The 12 Toxic Hormone Disruptors You Probably Have In Your Home

Here’s a riddle for you: What could nonstick pans, corn, plastic kids toys, cleaning products, and cosmetics all have in common? Each could be hiding hormone disruptors—potentially toxic chemicals that can interfere with your body’s endocrine system. These chemicals have been linked to a wide range of health concerns, including fertility problems, diminished sex drive, ...

The 9 Most Toxic Chemicals Hiding In Your Makeup

A sultry cat-eye, pumped-up lashes, a kissable pout—even if your signature look is just a pinch of peach on your cheeks, getting dolled up is pretty fun. But what chemicals are lurking in your makeup? A little—or a lot—of makeup can really boost your confidence.

BPA Is Still Lurking In Many Supermarket Staples

Next time you pick up a can of chicken noodle soup or baked beans, ask yourself: Will your supper come with a side of harmful chemicals? Even if you shop for organic vegetables grown without pesticides, and grass-fed beef raised without antibiotics, canned foods could introduce a suspect chemical into your body.

The Great Deodorant Deception (And How to Avoid It)

There’s a reason drugstore shelves are piled high with deodorants. We’re all scared of smelling bad, and marketers know exactly how to push our (self-conscious) buttons.

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