Meet Nourish Organic, One of the Natural Beauty Industry’s Pioneering Brands

April 17th, 2017

Remember the days when you couldn’t find a single organic beauty product in a drugstore or grocery store? Times sure have changed! Natural beauty is more mainstream now, thanks to companies who believe that since much of what you slather onto your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, hazardous chemicals and questionable ingredients shouldn’t be the norm. And since under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, cosmetic products don’t require FDA approval before they go on the market, who really knows what you’re exposing your skin to?

If you’re as picky about what you put on your skin as the food you put on your plate, you’ll love Nourish Organic, a brand that helped pioneer the natural beauty movement, using organic ingredients long before the USDA had a designation. The company got its start in Beaver Falls, Penn. in 1996, when Lynn and Tom Betz started the line under a different name, Sensibility Soaps. Although the branding has changed over the years, the company has always kept the formulas customers love, filled with good-for-you ingredients like nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and plant extracts.

Here are a few more reasons to love Nourish Organic!

Certified organic
USDA-certified organic products must be 95% or more certified organic, free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes, and must be processed without using industrial solvents, irradiation, or GMOs. USDA Organic is the gold standard, and the only government-regulated organic certification. In fact, back in 2003, Nourish was the very first company in the world to be awarded this distinction!

Seals of approval
In addition to being USDA Organic, Nourish Organic products are also cruelty-free (no animal testing), gluten-free, nearly vegan (with the exception of products that contain responsibly harvested beeswax), GMO-free, made in the USA, use Fair Trade certified ingredients wherever possible, and are packaged in recyclable materials. Nourish Organic is also a proud B Corp, which means it meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Purity pledge
Nourish Organic promises to formulate products without potentially toxic ingredients, and always makes providing the highest quality, effective products its priority.

If you’re already a fan of Nourish Organic, we’d love to hear which products are your favorite (leave a comment below!), and if you’ve just discovered this brand, we know your skin will love the whole line—everything from lotions, to body washes, to eye cream.

Photo credit: Ella Ciamacco

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