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Need More Fiber? Chia Seeds Can Help—Here’s How

Chia seeds aren’t much bigger than grains of sand, but they’re a superfood ingredient that’s worthy of space on your shelf. In addition to being the foundation of custardy desserts (we’re obsessed with this golden milk chia seed pudding recipe), chia seeds can help you add more fiber to your diet. Read on to learn ...

Coconut Flour, A Low-Carb, High-Fiber, Gluten-Free Option

So you’ve gone Paleo—but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your favorite foods! Hey, just because you’re choosing to eat healthier doesn’t mean you need to skip on the good stuff. You can still make everything from cookies to fried chicken if you have one ingredient in your arsenal: coconut flour.

5 Snacks to Pump Up Your Energy Level

Whether you’re chasing kiddos around the house, or slaving away at your 9-to-5, we all have days when we could use a little help in the energy department.

Nutrition Labels Decoded: What Those Numbers Really Mean

Let’s face it: Grocery shopping can be a drag. Most of us want to get in and out of a crowded supermarket as quickly as possible, and checking nutrition labels are we’re tossing things into the cart isn’t necessarily a priority when we’re eyeing the growing line at the checkout.

What Are Chia Seeds Good For?

How many times have you gotten home from the store only to get that sinking feeling when you realize you forgot something important?

A Surprising New Weapon in the Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes

While frightening diseases like cancer and ebola tend to get more ink, it’s Type 2 diabetes that actually touches the lives of most Americans. Though it’s largely preventable, our nation’s eating habits are fueling a full-blown crises.

High Fiber Foods That Literally Help You Cheat Death

New evidence is confirming what your mom has been telling you for years: Fiber is really, really good for you. So good, in fact, that it might be able to add years to your life.

5 Rules to Live By For Healthy Digestion

It’s something we all do on a daily basis, but something we never think too much about. Digestion is never on our to-do list, but it’s a very important part of who we are, how we stay healthy, and how we keep on keeping on.

Healthy Breakfast: Gluten-Free Millet Bowl

[schema description]Instead of oatmeal for breakfast, try millet for a delicious change of pace. This mild, digestible gluten-free seed results in a soft, creamy porridge when simmered with almond and coconut milks.

9 Superfoods To Improve Your Focus

Our society is addicted to caffeine. From that first magical cup of coffee in the morning, to that mid-afternoon “I Can’t Get Past This Without A Nap Or A Miracle Or At Least A Latte” wall, caffeine is what gets us through most days. And like any addiction, it’s tough to beat.

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