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How FoodCorps is Fighting for Food Justice in Mississippi

Much of the Mississippi Delta is affected by food apartheid, or inequitable access to food. But if you ask residents of the region, they’ll tell you a different story—about neighbors feeding neighbors, local restaurants providing meals for those in need, and community gardens sharing their harvests. Kenya Collins, the Co-Director of National Programs at non-profit ...

6 Different Reasons Monsanto Has Been Sued Over the Years

Earlier this month, the Portland, Ore. City Council passed a unanimous resolution to allow a city attorney to sue Monsanto for producing the chemical PCB, which Portland officials allege has contaminated the city’s waterways for years.

WATCH: What You Can Do To Shed Light On Bizarre Ingredients In Your Food

“Many of the products that you end up seeing on your grocery store shelves are hardly food at all,” says Ken Cook, founder and president of the Environmental Working Group.

The Simple Reason Junk Food Is So Cheap

Hate paying taxes every year? Trade in your suit and tie for a pair of overalls. Instead of handing over part of your hard-earned paycheck every April, you could get a handsome sum of money from the government if you become a corn farmer.

More Proof That The Western Diet Is A Global Problem

Amid the glowing Shanghai signs advertising traditional hot noodles and dumplings, the mega-city’s residents are increasingly likely to see Colonel Sanders smiling down, beckoning them with his 11 herbs and spices.

How Industrial Farming Is Killing the Planet

Ever wonder why you can get a 99-cent bag of some brands of chips at the gas station, but grabbing some chips for your guac at the health food store costs a little more?

19 European Countries Say No to GMOs

One by one, European Union member states stepped out in defiance against Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and the rest of the biotech mafia last week.

Old MacDonald? That’s Mrs. MacDonald These Days

If your idea of American agriculture is American Gothic—the classic painting of a farmer, his wife, and a pitchfork—it’s time to think again. These days, it might be more accurate to paint an image of a farmer and her husband.

Who’s Eating Junk Food? Probably Not Who You Think

One of the loudest arguments for restaurants and food companies to improve the nutritional quality of their offerings goes something like this: The artificially low cost of junk foods make them especially attractive to low-income Americans, who eat worse than those in the middle and upper classes.

When It Comes to Marketing, Junk Food Companies Target Kids of Color

The data is staggering: For one in four adolescents of color, maintaining a healthy weight is a daily struggle. More than 25 percent of black or Latino boys aged six to 11 are obese, according to Centers for Disease Control data.

Worried About Factory-Farmed Chicken Eggs? There’s a DIY Solution

If you eat eggs, you should be thinking very, very carefully about what you’re putting into your grocery cart.  The news surrounding poultry these days is downright terrifying.

GMO Secrecy Gains Momentum: The DARK Act Passes Another Hurdle

The DARK Act, labeled by its detractors as the “Deny Americans the Right to Know” Act, passed the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday.

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