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How FoodCycle LA and Thrive Market are Feeding People, Not Landfills

More than 100 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States every year. It ends up in landfills, where it’s a major contributor to climate change. Meanwhile, 45 million people in the U.S.—particularly single parents and the BIPOC community—lack access to healthy food. What if you could begin to solve both problems at ...

Healthy Living For All: Our $10M Pledge to End Food Inequality

Fast food chains abound on the military base in the Mojave Desert where My lives with her husband and twin toddlers, but grocery stores that stock healthy items are hours away. Susan struggles to afford the groceries she needs on just $170 of government assistance per month. For Rachael, finding the gluten-free products that are ...

What Does “Natural” Mean On Food Labels?

Although many supermarket staples can contain preservatives and chemical ingredients, there’s also a good selection that’s nutritious and natural. But—what does “natural” mean, exactly?

The Food Pyramid: Changing with the Times

The colorful Food Pyramid used to be everywhere, from the backs of cereal boxes to packages of crackers.

What Is Sustainable Farming?

Sustainable farming is a growing movement that promotes the production of food, such as crops and animal products, through various farming techniques. These methods are used to support small family farms that raise healthy crops and livestock, protect the environment, stimulate local economies, and provide better health opportunities for consumers. In order to fully understand ...

What Is Compost?

According to the National Resources Defense Council, Americans throw away 40 percent of the food that is annually produced in the United States.

New Antibiotic-Resistant Gene Found in Pigs: Another Reason to Go Organic?

Could a bite of a fatty, tasty pork chop or juicy carnitas alter the body’s resistance to critical life-saving antibiotics? According to new research out of China, yes. Authors of a recent study in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases were looking for antibiotic resistance in the E. coli that reside in the guts of food animals. ...

Why One Research University Gave $1 Million Back to Coca-Cola

Are Big Soda’s tricks not working as well as they used to? With Americans drinking way less full-calorie soda than they used to—a 25 percent decrease since the late 1990s—Coke smartly turned to academia to drum up some research to try and stop the hemorrhaging.

Sugar, Salt, and Fat: Why We Just Can’t Quit Junk Food

Did you know that Coca Cola calls its most loyal fan base “heavy users?” If this somewhat derogatory term evokes images of kids strung out on sugar chugging a can of Coke, that exact scenario is just what Big Food corporations are banking on.

All The Signs Are Clear: It’s Time to Reconsider Factory-Farmed Meat

Are industrial meat’s chickens finally coming to roost? It certainly looks that way.

Can Urban Farming Revitalize Detroit’s Lower East Side?

The Great Recession was tougher on some cities than others. Take Detroit, for instance.

The Simple Reason Junk Food Is So Cheap

Hate paying taxes every year? Trade in your suit and tie for a pair of overalls. Instead of handing over part of your hard-earned paycheck every April, you could get a handsome sum of money from the government if you become a corn farmer.

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