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DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Looking for a conditioner that makes your hair soft, shiny, and manageable? You can splurge on a $20 bottle at your salon that’s made with chemical ingredients you don’t recognize, or you can stroll into your kitchen and pick up a bottle of apple cider vinegar, or ACV to create your own DIY apple cider ...

11 Nontoxic Hair Products for Your Beauty Routine

Cleaning up your beauty routine means swapping out old favorites for new products that’ll get the job done—naturally. To make the transition to nontoxic and chemical-free hair care brands even easier (like choosing the best sulfate-free hair care products), we’ve done the research for you and curated top industry picks at the best prices. Have ...

Argan Oil vs. Coconut Oil

From olive to jojoba to grapeseed and rosehip, oils have a longstanding reputation as nature’s proprietary serums. But as we continue to tap into the benefits of these holistic wellness essentials, we can’t help but notice a few star players among the pack. Two oils that are quickly earning their place in our regular rotation ...

Tame Your Mane for a Sleek Blow Out—Juice Organics Has Tips

You don’t need a long list of products to tame your mane! Watch haircare experts Juice Organics achieve a perfect blow out you can replicate at home with just three products! The shampoo and conditioner are plant-powered with ingredients like organic pomegranate and shea butter, and the spray protects your locks from the elements with ...

Don’t Let Sun and Chlorine Fade Your Locks! Try This Organic Hair-Care Duo All Summer

Summer might be the best season to head outside, but exposure to chlorine, sand, and sun can take a toll on tresses. For color-treated or highlighted hair, you also want to protect against fading, and we know just the products for the job.

This Family-Owned Skincare Company Puts Natural Ingredients First

Have you ever been excited to try a new natural shampoo or face wash, only to find it doesn’t work as well as the conventional brand you’re hoping to replace? It’s a common experience, but ACURE is trying to change that by infusing its products with some pretty potent plant- and food-derived ingredients.

Why You Should Use Paraben-Free Products

In recent years, the cosmetic industry has been shaken up by controversy over the chemicals frequently used in hair, skin, and makeup products.

Our Favorite DIY Shampoos To Try At Home

There’s something so satisfying about working shampoo into a thick lather in the shower. Covering your whole head in big, foamy bubbles just feels so—clean. But, as good as it feels, that shampoo probably isn’t doing you any favors.

Is There Any Way to Make Hair Grow Faster?

I’ve been trying to grow out my hair for ages, but it never seems to make it past a certain length before it starts breaking off. What gives? I’ve read that taking prenatal vitamins can help, but is there anything else I can do to speed up hair growth? —Courtney W.

VIDEO: Molly Sims’ DIY Supermodel Secret to Boosting Dull Hair

“There’s been a lot of chemical warfare going on in this hair!” says Molly Sims. Hard to believe looking at her lovely flaxen locks. But it’s all thanks to this cool one-ingredient trick for bringing dull, damaged hair back to life.

The Clean Way To Get Rid of Head Lice—That Actually Works

Selfies are the foolproof way to capture a moment and ensure the angles are super flattering. Even President Obama and the Pope have embraced the DIY way to snap a perfect pic. But what can’t be seen on camera is the hidden danger behind this picture-taking technique.

A Super Simple DIY Dry Shampoo, Sans Aerosol Can

At some point in the new millennium, going without shampoo became acceptable—chic, even. Many modern women have come to believe that the tradition of lathering up daily has been a dirty trick all along.

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