Don’t Let Sun and Chlorine Fade Your Locks! Try This Organic Hair-Care Duo All Summer

July 5th, 2017

Summer might be the best season to head outside, but exposure to chlorine, sand, and sun can take a toll on tresses. For color-treated or highlighted hair, you also want to protect against fading, and we know just the products for the job.

The Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner duo from Juice Organics is formulated with certified organic ingredients, botanical juices, organic oils, and vitamins, and without nasty stuff like petrochemicals and sodium lauryl sulfates that can dry out your ’do. In fact, independent lab tests revealed this formula improved hair shine by 135%, hair volume by 101%, and softness by 153%. Here’s a look at what’s inside the bottle, and how it’ll help keep your color vibrant all season long!

If you’ve bitten into a fresh fig, you know how sweet and satisfying these fruits can be. Nutritionally, they offer manganese, potassium, vitamin B6, and calcium, and they’re not just good for your insides—the antioxidant properties can help prevent color fade, too.

Rosehip Oil
Another ingredient in your fade-fighting arsenal is rosehip oil, which has vitamins A and E, plus essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The name is a little misleading (it doesn’t smell like roses), but this oil will do wonders for your mane.

These little berries are known to give your brainpower a boost and, like figs, are have potent antioxidants inside. When blended with rice bran oil, blueberries are on guard to help filter the sun’s rays and keep locks safe and healthy.

Linseed Oil
You want hair that holds its color, but how about a little shine, too? If linseed oil sounds unfamiliar, you might know this ingredient by another name—flaxseed oil. Flaxseeds have been cultivated for thousands of years in places like Egypt and China for both dietary and beauty uses. A dose of linseed oil goes inside each bottle to help nourish your locks from root to tip, for maximum light reflection.

There you have it, four incredible ingredients working hard to keep you looking gorgeous. Just swap these two products in for your regular shampoo and conditioner. Because you already have sunscreen in your beach bag—right?

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