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How to Handle 5 Common Holiday Health Woes

There’s a lot to look forward to about the holiday season: traveling to see loved ones, enjoying your favorite traditional foods, and parties galore. What’s not so fun? That run-down feeling you get after several straight weeks of late nights, free-flowing drinks, and rich meals.

For Sami Clarke, Fitness is About More Than Exercise

When we sat down with Instagram fitness pro and ISSA-certified personal trainer Sami Clarke, we figured we’d talk about working out and healthy meal prep. We didn’t fully expect to cover the mood-altering effects of spending time in nature, the transformational benefits of a daily meditation practice, and the lifelong journey to live in alignment ...

Find Calm in One Minute with This Breathing Exercise for Anxiety

From the daily challenges of the “new normal” to the nightly news, by now you’ve probably noticed that the arrival of 2021 didn’t exactly erase all the stress of 2020. While you can’t do much about what’s going on around you, what is within your control is how you react—which means having a few coping ...

Online Meditation Courses + Apps for Different Types of Meditation

Our lives might look a bit different right now—and that can be stressful. But starting a meditation practice (or deepening an existing one) can help you find peace with the challenges caused by quarantining, reduce your stress, and manage fluctuating anxiety levels. Just think of this post as your meditation starter kit—we’re looking at some ...

A 5-Minute Prenatal Meditation That’s Good for Mom AND Baby

That mom-baby connection is one of the greatest forces on earth. Case in point: one study conducted in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong found that meditating during pregnancy has a positive effect on a newborn’s health and that same infant’s temperament five months later.

Quiet Mind: How to Tap Into Your Creativity for a Healthier, Happier, More Productive Life

How often is it that genius strikes while you’re sitting at a desk between the working hours of nine to five?

Quiet Mind: 20 Different Ways to Schedule Self-Care Into Your Day

World Health Organization first defined the term “self-care” 23 years ago, as follows:

What Happens to Your Body During a Breakup—and 3 Ways to Feel Better ASAP

It’s a visceral feeling. That gut-punching, head-slamming, heart-wrenching sort of ache that can last for weeks, and even return suddenly, months later, as you walk past your ex’s favorite date-night spot. Whether it’s a mutual agreement to consciously uncouple or a messy split, ending a relationship can be really traumatic.

2 Easy Meditation Practices to Soothe Holiday Heartache

As we get ready to see our families over the holidays, we often put pressure on ourselves to uphold certain expectations. Getting inundated with advertisements encouraging us to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need doesn’t help.

4 Non-Traditional Ways to Meditate That Really Work

The zone. Flow state. Transcendence. Regardless of whatever it’s called, everyone from billionaire CEOs to professional athletes to college-aged kids are trying to reach the ultimate plane of efficiency and calm.

6 Steps to Kick-Start the Morning For the Best Day Ever

Good morning! Not so much? Then it’s time for a morning routine overhaul.

Serenity Now: 10 Quick Ways to Zen

“Mountains should be climbed with as little effort as possible and without desire,” writes Robert M. Pirsig in the literary classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. “…Then, when you’re no longer thinking ahead, each footstep isn’t just a means to an end but a unique event in itself.”

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