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Thrive Market Employees Curate the Best Mother’s Day Gift Box

Mothers are a lot of different things to different people: they can be caretakers, advice-givers, best friends, heroes, and often, they’re the glue that holds a family together. Mothers also come in many forms, so whether that person in your life is biological or chosen, grandparent or neighbor, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate ...

A 5-Minute Prenatal Meditation That’s Good for Mom AND Baby

That mom-baby connection is one of the greatest forces on earth. Case in point: one study conducted in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong found that meditating during pregnancy has a positive effect on a newborn’s health and that same infant’s temperament five months later.

Pick a Better Toothpaste—Your Health Depends On It!

Teeth aren’t just for chewing anymore.

Staggering Statistic: Odds Are, Your Kid Is Eating Fast Food Today

It’s easy to judge those moms and dads who run out of time to whip up a healthy home cooked meal and wind up ordering a pizza for dinner.

Staggering Statistic: The Shocking Amount Americans Spend on Halloween Candy

October 31st marks the one day on the calendar when you be whomever you want—zombies, witches, princesses, and astronauts are all fair game.

Staggering Statistic: What Your Kids Are Really Eating For Lunch

Our understanding of health is now so sophisticated that doctors can perform major surgeries with only a tiny incision, scientists have mapped the human genome, and researchers can program stem cells to regrow bones and muscles.

Staggering Statistic: Kids In Poverty Pay a Shocking Physical Price

For the 22 percent of children living below the poverty line, the effects of living in a low-income neighborhood aren’t limited to wearing hand-me-downs or getting free school lunch.

Staggering Statistic: Here’s How Much Advertisers Spend on Kids

Most parents have heard the chorus from the back seat: “Can we get a happy meal, pleeeease?” But chances are, it’s not the nuggets they’re after—it’s the toy.

Squeaky Clean and Smiling: 7 Essentials for Baby’s Bath Time

Every parent who’s ever tried to ease a baby into bathtub of warm water knows it’s likely going to go one of two ways: a bubble-fest full of laughs—or a splashy, tear-filled affair.

New on Thrive Market: Hundreds Of Your Favorite Baby Essentials!

Once a baby arrives, every new parent instantly wants to preserve their little one in that perfect state of health.

Staggering Statistic: The Food Desert Epidemic

More than 23.5 million Americans live in “food deserts,” low-income neighborhoods where the nearest supermarket is more than one mile away.

Staggering Statistic: Childhood Obesity Rates Skyrocket

Obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the last 30 years.

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