Thrive Market Employees Curate the Best Mother’s Day Gift Box

May 2, 2021

Mothers are a lot of different things to different people: they can be caretakers, advice-givers, best friends, heroes, and often, they’re the glue that holds a family together. Mothers also come in many forms, so whether that person in your life is biological or chosen, grandparent or neighbor, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate them.

To help you create the perfect Mother’s Day gift box in time for May 9th, we went straight to the source and asked a few Thrive Market employees about what they’re gifting their mothers this year. Think beyond the usual bouquet of flowers—from luxurious self-care products to ethical kitchen essentials, you can mix and match these thoughtful gifts to create your own Mother’s Day gift box.

FYI: To deliver your custom Thrive Market gift box straight to Mom’s door, just create an order and change the shipping address during checkout. For help, click here.

Create a Mother’s Day Gift Box with Thrive Market

A Soothing Scented Candle for the Busy Mom
Frank Snyder, Senior Product Manager, Personalization
“My mom has a stressful life and loves things that smell nice, so a relaxing candle would provide her a small respite from her day-to-day.”

Quick-Fix Coffee for Mom’s Morning Ritual
Shira Karsen, Senior Editor
“My mom *will not* start her day without coffee, so these single-serve bags are perfect for her. You just drop them in a mug, boil some water, and brew like you would tea! The longer they sit, the stronger they become, so my mom would probably like to brew these guys for a solid 15 minutes.”

Incense to Make Mom’s Home a Sanctuary
Yasmine Borno, Executive Assistant & Experience Associate
“My mom (and all moms) deserves all the best self care!”

Organic Salty Snacks for the Mom On the Go
Marcus Hansen, Senior QA Engineer
“My mom is always on the go (I mean her legs don’t stop moving!), so she needs something that is not only light and healthy, but something she can store in her purse or car when out and about. Being from the Puget Sound area, she is overly familiar with seaweed and all that comes with it. A nice snack like this would be great because it would constantly remind of her home and the many many times spent with the family at the beach. Mothers are the real MVPs out here!”

A More Natural Alternative to Mom’s Favorite Gum
Carolyn Cho, Member Services Resolution Specialist
“My mom loves to chew gum on a daily basis, so this would be so perfect for her to try! It has simple ingredients and it’s aspartame-free, too. Also, when I was a child, my mom taught me how to blow my first bubble—she’s the best!”

A Chill, Chewy Treat for Mom’s Bedtime Routine
Kirby Stirland, Senior Content Manager, Editorial
“My mom is all in on herbal remedies, CBD very much included. I think she’d love these Winged CBD gummies, which include popular wind-down ingredients like melatonin and GABA in addition to her favorite cannabinoid. (Ok, second favorite.) (Don’t tell her I said that.)”

A Cult Classic Skin Staple to Add to Mom’s Self-Care Lineup
Erin Miller, Senior Director, Growth
“My mom and mother-in-law are both receiving Weleda this Mother’s Day—it’s the best lotion for dry skin, without that sticky feeling afterwards!”

A Sampler Pack for the Wine-Loving Mom
Amy Roberts, Senior Editorial Writer
“My mom loves having wine nights with her two best friends. She’s a fan of anything bubbly, so I’m getting her this sampler with a few different bottles so they can have their own at-home wine tasting.”

A Great-Smelling Soak for Mom’s Nightly Bath
Karen Cate, CFO and Head of Operations
“My mom loves a good long bubble bath, and these bath products are the best!”

A Must-Have Kitchen Oil for the Mom Who Loves to Cook
Nicolle Walsh, Member Services Team Lead
“Being super Italian and loving to cook and try healthy new recipes, my mother would love this. A pantry basic for the mom that taught me how to cook healthy (and who taught me that olive oil is such a necessity in the kitchen)!”

A Bath Soak With a Boost for the Hard-Working Mom
Bailey Kaiser, Member Services Training Coordinator
“My mom goes hard for everyone in her life, but there is one thing she goes hard for in her own life…and that’s baths! Her daily ritual is occasionally celebrated with a luxurious bath bomb, so I’m giving her one that’s dosed with CBD to help to boost her relaxation time even more.”

A Decadent Treat That Mom Totally Deserves
Emma Walker, Merch Marketing Associate
“My mom is a chocolate—specifically dark chocolate—aficionada! This peanut butter is a perfect treat on top of graham crackers (her other favorite) or even by the spoonful. And she truly deserves to treat herself for being the best!”

Bonus: Make Healthy Living Easy for Mom
Help your mom stay stocked up on organic groceries all year long with a Thrive Market membership. Check out these simple tips for gifting a membership or buying a gift card for existing Thrive Market members.

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Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts is Thrive Market's Senior Editorial Writer. She is based in Los Angeles via Pittsburgh, PA.

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