10 mg CBD Gummies, Sleepy10 mg CBD Gummies, Sleepy850000349049Uniquely formulated for women needing relief from occasional sleepless nights, Winged's sleep gummies feature a low dose of melatonin to encourage rest, CBD sourced from organically grown, full-spectrum hemp extract, evening primrose oil, and amino acids L-Theanine, 5-HTP, and GABA. Together, the formula helps promote relaxation and ease mental stress. 30 count; take 30-60 minutes before bed for best results.30 count
Taste is rough - by Tastes like CBD
CAUTION: Do NOT take if you are on an antidepressant! - by I bought these Sleepy gummies due to the great reviews. They definitely helped me fall asleep quickly but I woke up 3 hours later and was wide awake for the rest of the night Serotonin syndrome! I was so disappointed and wondered why the product didn't work for me. So I read the fine print on the box and it said "Do not take if you are taking a prescription antidepressant or are pregnant or lactating". This warning was not in the description for this product during the Thrive shopping process or else I would have never bought the product. Thankfully Thrive gave me a refund in the form of a store credit but I felt I should warn others.
Get them - by It always takes me a long time to fall asleep at night and recently it has been taking extra long. I was desperate to try something so I ordered these not knowing what to expect. They are amazing! I almost always fall asleep within 20-30 mins and it calms my brain from staying awake over-thinking things. The taste takes a little getting used to but not bad. Worth it for the result!
Not for me - by Not only were these gummies unhelpful in terms of improving sleep but they actually caused problems during the day: after taking 1 gummy at night for 3 days without any benefit I increased to 2 gummies as suggested on the container. Then, in the next 3 days I began feeling slightly confused and unable to concentrate on what I was doing. Apparently I am very sensitive to the cumulative effects of this stuff and have thrown it in the trash before I have an accident in my house or while driving!
Amazing - by I’ve been taking these every night and I sleep all through the night. I usually am up a few times a night and have a hard time falling asleep.

10 mg CBD Gummies, Sleepy

30 count$1.17/gummy