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Why You Should Be Eating Sprouted Foods

What if we told you there was an easy way to make staple ingredients even healthier—with very little effort? Say hello to sprouting, a simple method that takes your beans, legumes, and grains to the next level of nutrition.

Creative Ways to Cook with Pantry Staples

Even if you’re usually pretty strategic when food shopping, your most recent grocery haul may have been anything but. During a time when we’re being encouraged to social distance and work from home, our pantry staples are becoming increasingly more relevant in our day-to-day lives. It’s perfectly understandable if your weekly stock-up has been more ...

Quinoa vs. Rice: A Comprehensive Comparison

Quinoa vs rice – both major players in the whole grain game. With so many varieties to choose from (hello wild rice and red quinoa), it’s not always easy narrowing down which option to cook let alone decide if quinoa is better than rice. But this guide takes you through everything you need to know ...

What Is Quinoa?

If you’re not friends with quinoa yet, you should be! Whether you’re transitioning to a plant-based diet, eating low FODMAP, or just trying to max the nutritional content of your next meal, quinoa will be right by your side. But there’s more to this high-protein grain that, well, isn’t really a grain at all. We’re ...

WATCH: These 5 Gluten-Free Goodies Make Cutting Carbs So Good

Partaking in an occasional slice of pizza or a bowl of pasta is supposed to be pleasurable. But if these eats frequently stir up uncomfortable symptoms like bloat, gas, fatigue, and even anxiousness and migraines, then gluten could be more trouble than it’s worth.

Refuel and Re-energize With This Yogi Lentil Bowl

[schema description]Protein-packed lentils and quinoa form the base for this warming vegetable bowl. A bright carrot-beet slaw and fresh mint complete the grounding dish.[/schema]

Quinoa, Nature’s Super Seed

Quinoa is hot these days, and although it’s popping up everywhere from high-end restaurants to vegan home kitchens across the country, there are still those who aren’t sure what, exactly, it is.

Energy Up! A Classic Korean Bowl Gets a Powerful Protein Punch

[schema description]This Korean bowl is a delightful mix of sesame and garlic-infused vegetables, a runny egg, and grain in a sweet and spicy sauce. Here, we’ve replaced the usual rice for quinoa for an added protein punch for this vegetarian take on the dish. [/schema]

Going Gluten-Free? Here’s How to Prep Your Pantry!

Wait, there’s gluten in your mayo? In your salad dressing? Even in your pickles? Yep, the universal enemy of celiacs is lurking places you’d least expect. So how what do you need to know to stock your pantry with staples that keep you feeling good—while keeping that sandwich tasty?

Going Vegan? Here Are 9 Staples For Your Pantry

So you’re considering going vegan. You’re totally ready to say “buh-bye” to your weekly pint of cookie dough ice cream, but is your pantry prepped for your new way of eating?

For Kids with Type 1 Diabetes, Eating Right Can Break the Bank

Every day millions of kids in the United States wake up, prick their fingers, test their blood sugar levels, inject themselves with insulin and then eat a bowl of sugar. Er, cereal.

Moving? Stock Your New Kitchen With These 11 Staples

After moving into a new place—whether it’s your first home, a college dorm, or a new apartment—the last thing you want to do is cook a full meal.

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