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5-Minute DIY Manuka Honey Face Masks

Whether you’re a regular at the spa or love at-home self-care, face masks are a staple when it comes to luxurious skincare treatment. But you don’t have to spend a pretty penny to achieve a glowy, hydrated, and healthy complexion. In fact, you don’t even need that much time.

DIY Gua Sha Oil

Hayley Wood, holistic esthetician and founder of Therapeutic Skin Coach, recently shared how to give yourself the best at-home gua sha facial. With these skills now in your arsenal, it’s time to ensure you have the right oils on hand to perfect your practice. Many of these ingredients you may already have—or can easily be ...

Best Ways to Get Rid of Dry, Itchy Skin in Winter

Winter skin can be rough (literally). Just when you’re warming up to the onset of the colder months by donning cozy sweaters and enjoying comforting home-cooked meals, your skin seems decidedly not on board with the sudden change in temperature. Whether you’re dealing with flakiness or itchiness, red patches or tightness (or maybe all of ...

VIDEO: Molly Sims Whips Up A Citrus Face Mask For Supermodel Skin

Supermodels can seem superhuman, but even they love a good DIY bargain when it comes to skincare.

Healthy Obsession: Rosehip Oil Is Mother Nature’s Anti-Aging Secret

“If you could buy just one product at Thrive Market, what…” I started to ask Health and Wellness Editor, Dana Poblete. “Rosehip oil!” she blurted before I could finish the question. Hey, if Miranda Kerr, Kate Middleton, and Poblete are fans, sign me up.

If You’re Going to Pop That Zit, Here’s the Best Way to Do It

We know it’s bad for us. Dermatologists beg us to stop. But for some reason we can’t keep our hands off of our faces every time an angry red pimple crops up. What’s up with our weird zit obsession?

6 Ways To Keep Skin Fresh During Your Next Flight

Haven’t booked holiday flights yet? Understandable—the prospect of chaotic airports, long security lines, and cramped quarters are enough to make anyone procrastinate.

3 Ancient Beauty Treatments That Have Stood The Test of Time

Chinese royalty relied on jade rolling for dynasty after dynasty to rid the body of bad Qi—and more importantly, to ease wrinkles and boost a beautiful complexion.

3 Reasons To Try An Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Want to get healthier without taking a pharmacy’s worth of supplements and pills every morning? Try something a lot more enjoyable: Sink into a bath. It’s time to bring back an old favorite: an Epsom salt bath. It’s the most luxurious way to get your necessary vitamins.

6 Steps to Kick-Start the Morning For the Best Day Ever

Good morning! Not so much? Then it’s time for a morning routine overhaul.

This Sunny Yellow Face Mask Harnesses a Seriously Powerful Ingredient

For thousands of years, Indian brides have traditionally used a special concoction from head to toe on the eve of their wedding to get skin glowing for their big day.

The Simple Acne Solution That No One Talks About

Having a bad hair day seems like a walk in the park compared to waking up to huge pimple on an important day.

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