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How Moon Juice Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon Uses Adaptogens for Stress

Amanda Chantal Bacon knows a few things about stress.  The Moon Juice founder, who grew her business from a pocket-sized juice shop in Venice Beach, Los Angeles into a massively successful wellness brand, built her reputation around combatting mind and body stress through holistic practices.  Suffering from an autoimmune condition (and the frustrations that go ...

The Best Post-Quarantine Diet? Dr. Drew Ramsey Says It’s Not What You Think

The weather is warming, trees are blooming, and amidst it all, there’s a new sign of spring optimism: people are being vaccinated against COVID-19 in growing numbers. But as the country starts opening up and a return to normalcy appears on the horizon, a troubling trend is already brewing. Imagine the annual pressure to shed ...

How to Cope With Stress Featuring Dr. Stephen Dansiger

Learning how to handle stress effectively should be part of everyone’s quarantine survival strategy. We’ve all been forced into new routines, which means families are balancing school closures and close quarters, and employees are working from home—not to mention the stress of the virus itself. Our minds can quickly go from fine to panicked in ...

What Work Stress Does to Your Mind and Body—and How to Deal

“She’s not happy unless everyone around her is panicked, nauseous, or suicidal.”

Sleep Deprivation Gives You the Munchies, and More in Our ‘Weekly Feed’

Every Monday, we’re rounding up the biggest news bites in health and wellness. In this week’s episode, we learn that a lack of sleep could be to blame for a case of the midnight munchies!

The Ultimate 2-Ingredient Tea to Drink When You’re Stressed

Between paying the bills, working long hours, and all the other responsibilities of modern life, it’s no wonder most Americans have stress levels way above what researchers consider “healthy.” Feeling anxious is inevitable—letting it ruin your mental and physical health isn’t.

Thrive 5: Teas to Ward Off Wintertime Blues, Sniffles, and Stress

It’s no secret that cooler temps and fewer daylight hours bring on a slew of health problems that just don’t seem to happen very often during summer.

The Stress-Fighting, Energy-Boosting Power of Aromatherapy

Fifty-three percent of people ages 16 to 22 would rather entirely lose their sense of smell than give up their cell phone. We get it (kind of)—technology has become an integral part of life. But these kids are grossly underestimating the importance of the olfactory sense.

VIDEO: Having a Meltdown? Here Are 6 Ways to Ease Anxiety—Fast

When your mind starts racing and your body feels tight—almost paralyzed—and you don’t have a second or the willpower to figure out what to do next: That’s anxiety.

2 Easy Meditation Practices to Soothe Holiday Heartache

As we get ready to see our families over the holidays, we often put pressure on ourselves to uphold certain expectations. Getting inundated with advertisements encouraging us to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need doesn’t help.

VIDEO: 8 Hacks to Make Traveling With Kids Easier, Healthier, and Less Stressful

On an overnight flight from California to Alaska, one kid we know (who shall remain nameless) was not just riding on an airplane—he was on a rollercoaster. One second he was happily tuning into Spongebob, the next he was crying over faulty headphones.

5 Ways to Bring Some Zen To Your Desk and Your Work Life

Stress is a natural part of most jobs—a little stress can motivate us to finish projects on time and come up with new ideas, but when the pressure becomes too great, it can take a serious toll on workers’ health. 

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