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Winter Weight Gain Got You Sweating? Read This To Get Back Into Shape

You made it. Winter weather? That’s a thing of the past (at least for the moment).

5 Surprising Reasons Your Kitchen Is Making You Gain Weight

April is here—and if you haven’t already jumped into spring cleaning mode (what, you decided to sleep in this weekend instead?), now’s the time to give the busiest room in your home a facelift.

How to Eat Out Without Gaining Weight or Blowing Your Budget

You’ve mastered the basics of eating healthy at home, but what about how to make healthy choices when you eat out? Our host Sara Snow dishes on exactly what to pick off the menu when you eat out—without breaking your budget or your healthy diet!

5 Common Causes of Hormonal Weight Gain

Gaining weight, losing sleep, and a general feeling of malaise? One of the most common questions online is “Does your thyroid cause weight gain?” Some would be quick to point the finger at your thyroid, but that’s not necessarily the culprit

Why Do We Gain Weight In Certain Areas of the Body?

The human body is such an anomaly. Some tall, some short, some lean, some muscular, some plump—all of our different shapes and sizes make us unique.

BMI Backlash: What the Numbers Don’t Tell You

In September 2015, Air India grounded 130 of its flight attendants. Permanently. It wasn’t because they showed up late to work, didn’t fulfill education requirements, or even performed poorly. Nope, it was all due to their BMIs.

How Working Overtime Is Ruining Your Life

The clock strikes 7, the sky is already turning dark purple. Forget about dinner—now it’s “Put the kids to bed, honey, I’ll be home when I can.”

For Obese Americans, Food May Actually Be Addictive

“I’m addicted to these Cheetos,” exclaims the guy in the next cube. “These things are like crack to me!”

4 Warning Signs You’ve Got Chronic Inflammation—and How to Take Action

You stumble to the bathroom in the morning, and as your eyes adjust you notice a cluster of pimples on your face. Ugh.

The FDA’s Latest Game-Changer: Labeling Added Sugar

Today, an inquisitive shopper wouldn’t be able to find the answer to this question on the back of any food label—but it may be one of the most important nutrition questions we ask.

The Powerful Connection Between Your Thoughts And Weight Gain

Most of us assume there’s no harm in thinking about stacks of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, as long as we’re not eating them.

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