Thrive IRL: A Fiesta Field Trip

June 5th, 2015

All work and no play? Nah—here at Thrive, we’re all about both. So this past Saturday we headed out to celebrate with the Garden School Foundation.

Earlier in the month, we got our hands dirty at the group’s Big Sunday Workday, but this event, the annual Fiesta de La Huerta (translation: Garden Party) was an opportunity for students, parents and community members hang out, eat, and enjoy the (literal) fruits of their labor.

The 24th Street elementary school’s rock band supplied the tunes as guests checked out educational booths to learn more about the various kinds of fruits and veggies in the GSF garden.

And then there were the cool pedal-powered blenders. Our team helped the kids make their own smoothies with garden produce and some of our favorite Thrive products, like organic Medjool dates and black chia seeds. Once the  blenders were loaded up, the kids raced side by side on bicycle powered blenders to whip up their superfood smoothies.

Good food and good people—that’s a day of play we can get behind.

Fiesta De La Huerta

Fiesta De La Huerta

Photo credit: David Gutierrez, Snoutt Photography

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