Forget Toxic Chemicals—There’s a ‘New Smell of Clean’

Last Update: July 20, 2023

Take a quick look at the cleaning products under your kitchen sink. Chances are, you’ll see tons of artificial fragrances and dyes, harsh chemicals, glycol ethers, and more harmful ingredients.

Not Truce. All of their products use safe, non-toxic ingredients. And their signature scent comes courtesy of peppermint essential oil.

“We refer to this as ‘the new smell of clean’ to help people move past the notion that if it doesn’t smell like bleach or ammonia—two very toxic substances—it isn’t clean,” Dianne Peart, Truce’s co-founder, said.

The actual formulation of Truce cleaning products—including the All-Purpose and Wood Cleaners—are a throwback to the traditional methods used by previous generations to clean before petrochemicals were introduced after World War II.

And the non-toxic formulations aren’t the only way Truce takes care of the environment. When you pick up a Truce spray bottle, you might be surprised by how light it is. That’s because Truce sells super-concentrated versions of their products—all you have to do is add water. This not only helps Truce to conserve fuel when they ship their products, but also allows their customers to reuse each bottle by refilling it with concentrate and water.

The company’s quest to provide products that promote health and clean countertops started a few years ago in an ecology graduate seminar. The professor told co-founder Diann Peart that the average American homeowner uses chemicals at five times the rate of agribusiness.

Truce’s home base—an urban farm in Tempe, Ariz.—is affectionately known as the “Peppermint Palace.”

“Living on a property that had never had chemicals applied to the garden, and in a house that never had harsh chemicals used in cleaning, that statement sent shock waves through my mind,” Peart said.

In 2007, she teamed up with Kandice Konomos, a baker and cleaning expert, and eventually brought the first version of Truce—Herb’n Organics—to market in their home base of Phoenix, Ariz.

Over the last decade, consumers have gotten more invested in what they use in their homes, and Truce’s popularity has grown. Now, their line includes Fido, too. The Peppermint Palace is home to four hens and two dogs, so keeping animals safe from any harsh chemicals is a top priority. The company offers both dog shampoo and room deodorizer formulated with animal-friendly essential oils like peppermint (naturally) and lavender.

The company also contributes $0.25 for every bottle of dog shampoo sold to a local pet shelter, Lost Our Home Pet Foundation. This shelter not only rescues abandoned pets, but also donates pet food and medical services to owners who wouldn’t otherwise be able to keep their furry friends.

That means every bottle of Truce gives back in multiple ways—through charitable giving, eco-friendly business practices, and their nontoxic formula. So why not pick up a bottle, and make your home your very own Peppermint Palace?

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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Meagan Morris

Meagan Morris is a freelance health journalist who loves Pilates and deadlifts more than her bodyweight... but not at the same time.

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