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Best Natural and Organic Baby Products for 2018

As a parent, you only want the best for your little one. But sourcing natural and organic baby food, care products, and gear can make your head spin—especially if you’re already facing sleepless nights. Rest easy! When it comes to curating top brands for baby, we’ve done our homework. Instead of speoinding your precious downtime ...

17 Natural Cough Remedies

The cough might be the most annoying of all cold symptoms. The body spasms, the raw feeling in the back of your throat—and the fact that it might wake you up in the middle of the night and even draw glares from your cubicle mate at work. Not to mention it can seem impossible to ...

The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

What if there was an organic elixir that could promote healthy digestion, clean your house and cleanse your hair and skin? Well, there is such a thing. It’s called apple cider vinegar.

What Can I Do With My Kids to Get Active This Summer?

School is beginning to wind down, and so are all of my kids’ sports and activities. I want to make sure that they stay healthy and active this summer—Netflix is off-limits. What can we all do together that’s fun, energizing, and interesting? —Erin

Banish Bleach: Whiten Everything From Tiles To Teeth the Natural Way

For generations, it’s been bleach to the rescue. Anytime dingy white sheets need brightening, or porcelain needs polishing, this whitening agent has been a go-to staple in just about every household from coast to coast.

Nail Polish Nightmare: That Shiny New Color Probably Contains Toxins

In some ways, an obsession with spa pedicures might almost seem healthy.

What You Need to Know About the Only All-Natural Birth Control Method

There were a few periods of time in my life when I would cry every week. Frustrated, I’d shed even more tears over being so weepy. I felt powerless; but one day I realized I could actually control this.

A Consumer’s Guide to The Misleading Claims on Food Labels

Walk through the aisles of any supermarket, and a fire hose of attention-grabbing labels accosts your senses. These days, food companies are all about using their packaging to seize on many shoppers’ desire to feed their families clean, nutritious foods.

Tiny Fleas Becoming a Big Problem? Win the Battle—Without Chemicals

Few creatures are as prolific as the ubiquitous flea—and they couldn’t be less popular. These blood sucking buggers not only make life miserable for pets, but their owners, too. Finding a black dot on a dog’s neck automatically sends pet parents into damage control mode.

Get Zen Fast: Reflexology You Can Do From Your Desk

Your office environment may not be all namaste all the time, but there are simple ways you can naturally combat fatigue, anxiety, and migraines to get into the zen-zone—without whipping out the incense and Tibetan singing bowls.

Turn 11 Everyday Ingredients Into 5 Awesome Beauty Treatments

Every morning and every night, as you move through your beauty routine—wash, exfoliate, tone, moisturize—beware: You may be slathering on some harmful chemicals, too.

Forget Toxic Chemicals—There’s a ‘New Smell of Clean’

Take a quick look at the cleaning products under your kitchen sink. Chances are, you’ll see tons of artificial fragrances and dyes, harsh chemicals, glycol ethers, and more harmful ingredients.

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