Video: Our Day With Nonprofit One Tree Planted

April 26th, 2019

From biking to work to embracing composting, Thrivers celebrated Earth Month in a variety of ways this month. Outside the office, we took to the hills on a recent Saturday morning to join the Canadian-based nonprofit One Tree Planted in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Given Thrive Market’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, the One Tree Planted partnership made a lot of sense. “This nonprofit works with amazing reforestation organizations around the world to help put more trees in the ground. We jumped at the opportunity to get our hands dirty and help restore a natural habitat right in our own backyard,” said Thrive Market Mission Manager Kristin DeSimone.

The day involved planting, watering, gathering data on native plants, and carrying buckets of water to more than 150 young trees. To help encourage growth, we weeded around the trunks and installed 50 deer-proof cages for an extra barrier of protection. Watch the video to learn more!

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