9-Minute Meditation for New Moms to Feel Blissful—and Beat Baby Blues

September 26th, 2016

The first time you hold your new bundle of joy, so many emotions come tumbling out: sheer joy, overwhelming awe, all-consuming love.

And beneath all of that, maybe a hint of fear, anxiety, sadness. Many new moms experience the baby blues—it’s a normal part of the process. Ten to 20 percent of women may even be diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Pre- and postnatal health expert Desi Bartlett knows what it’s like, and she’s here to help you through it. She designed an empowering 9-minute meditation to allow you to re-energize and reconnect to your inner strength. Remember: you can do this!

So find a comfortable seat, press play, and get ready to feel that joy.

Read more about Desi Bartlett here and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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