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Thrive Anywhere: Big Savings at Even More of Your Favorite Brands

Thrive Market has always been dedicated to making healthy living easy and accessible for everyone—that’s why we work to bring our members the best prices on healthy and organic products from top brands. 

Hemp, Hemp, Hooray! Meet Our New Wellness Line

Hooray for hemp! This superfood (and eco-friendly plant) offers amino acids and tons of other nutrients. And we’re excited to launch our own line of hemp-infused products like balm, tinctures, and gel capsules. As always, our quality standards were off-the-charts high when it came to sourcing the best ingredients—we found our hemp in the rolling ...

9-Minute Meditation for New Moms to Feel Blissful—and Beat Baby Blues

The first time you hold your new bundle of joy, so many emotions come tumbling out: sheer joy, overwhelming awe, all-consuming love.

Why Arianna Huffington Naps Every Day—and Why She Thinks You Should Too

On the morning of April 6, 2007, Arianna Huffington woke up on the floor, bleeding from her head.

20+ Benefits of Yoga

Your mom’s doing it. Your neighbor is raving about finally nailing upward bow pose. Your kids are asking for yoga mats.

Why the Founder of ‘MindBodyGreen’ Prizes ‘Wellth’ Above Health

Jason Wachob has accumulated quite the resume: college basketball player, cookie entrepreneur, and now media publisher and CEO. Now, he wants to add something else to his resume: “wellth.”

VIDEO: Shut Down Anxiety in 5 Minutes With This Guided Meditation

You’re running for your life through a burning building—someone or something fearsome is hot on your heels. Gasping for air, you feel the floor give out beneath your feet. This is your brain on anxiety, according to people who’ve experienced panic attacks.

4 Strategies for Breaking Your Addiction to Social Media

“Hi, my name is Annalise, and I’m addicted to social media.” If Social Media Addicts Anonymous existed, it’s fair to say that I’d be a card-carrying member. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it’s true—for me and most of my generation. Like so many other twenty-somethings, I have an unhealthy obsession with Facebook, Twitter, ...

How the New Curvy, Tall, and Petite Barbies are a Game-Changer for Girls

Growing up, there’s no doubt my personal favorite toy in my collection was Hawaiian Barbie. In those days, her tan skin and dark hair was about as close as I could get to a doll that resembled me—but like most girls, I could only dream of growing up to be that leggy.

The #1 Move for Better Posture

What’s a foam roller? Do I need one? Seems kind of lame if you ask me. —Greg P.

Blue Monday: What We Found About the Year’s Most Depressing Day

Feeling extra blue today? It’s probably not just you.

7 Simple Techniques to Help You Learn How to Meditate

It seems that the whole world is now meditating, which is wonderful news, as meditation does so much for us on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

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