An Inside Look at the First Thrive Gives Delivery to Pine Ridge Reservation

February 10th, 2016

One hundred boxes later, Pine Ridge Reservation residents, and now Thrive Gives members, were all smiles.

They’d just received their first boxes of healthy, wholesome products from Thrive Market. Recipients got our basics package—loaded with our favorite products and bestsellers—delivered directly to their homes at the South Dakotan reservation on January 28. Every box was sponsored by generous donations from individuals like you to the True Sioux Hope Foundation.

We’re so excited to keep supporting this groundbreaking program over the next year. Want to take part in next month’s donation? Click here to sponsor a box!

Check out at all these happy faces as the boxes arrive on the reservation:

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-66

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-70

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-58

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-56

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-48

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-42

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-41

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-31

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-28

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-1

Thrive Market Pine Ridge-8

To learn more about our partnership with the True Sioux Hope Foundation, click here.

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