The Best Hemp Oil to Try Right Now

Last Update: May 19, 2023

A year ago, it might have been hard to imagine the impact that cannabidiol—the chill, non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant you most likely know as CBD—would have on our daily lives. Legislation passed at the end of 2018 that removed industrial hemp from the list of controlled substances, making it legal in all 50 states for the first time ever (as long as it followed the fine print). Just like that, the trail was blazed for CBD, or hemp extract, to make its way into your wellness routine.

As more people turn into fans, claiming to feel benefits like help maintaining a less-stressed day and better night’s sleep, more options become available to help you feel good, minus the high.* And so, the hemp extract craze continues. Haven’t found a favorite yet? Read on to see what our members love and what our own experts think you should try next.

Charlotte’s Web

The family of seven brothers behind this Colorado-based brand are wellness pioneers, driven by a mission to improve lives with their tended-by-hand, small-batch-crafted extracts. Their filler-free products have become as trusted as their reputation.

charlottes web cbd hemp extract

Bestseller: Charlotte’s Web Mint Chocolate Hemp Extract Oil 17mg

Members say they love:

  • The natural mint chocolate flavor. They say it basically tastes like ice cream.
  • Taking it before bed. They say it helps promote out-like-a-light sleep.

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Our experts think you’ll love:

  • A new lemon flavor. “It’s a fresh update to a tried-and-true product, just in time for summer! Same quality extract with a bright, refreshing taste.”Christine McNerney, Director of Merchandising

Thrive Market Goods

Our member-exclusive line of made-from-scratch pantry staples are sourced ethically, packaged responsibly, and produced sustainably. Hemp extract is among the almost 600 products that meet our high standards and support your exact diet, value, or lifestyle.
thrive market cbd hemp extract

Bestseller: Thrive Market Goods Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture 200mg

Members say they love:

  • The opaque container. They say it makes them worry less about out-in-the-wild storage.
  • Taking it to feel better. They say they quickly feel a sense of calm and relief.

Try Next: Wellmade Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Gel Caps 15mg, 30 ct

Our experts think you’ll love:

  • A precise dosage. “Capsules are a great way to get a measured amount of hemp extract in an easy, travel-friendly format.” —Jenna Engleman, Director of Thrive Market Brand

Irwin Naturals

Founders of the supplement brand describe themselves as “health innovators with a knack for only the best,” combining research-backed science and top ingredients to make their offerings—hemp extract and otherwise—truly effective.
irwin naturals cbd hemp extract

Bestseller: Irwin Naturals CBD 15mg

Members say they love:

  • The price. They say it lets them dose as often needed without worry.
  • Taking it to relax. They say they feel like it’s easier to get through the day.

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Our experts think you’ll love:

  • The added adaptogen. “Need an extra dose of zen? This formula is paired with Ashwagandha extract, an herb that helps support calm. It compliments CBD perfectly.”—CM


This Vermont-based brand is obsessed with preserving the quality of their land and its crops. They harvest with a low-touch extraction method, which barely disturbs the plants and naturally preserves potency. Then each production batch is lab tested three times. What did we tell you? Obsessed.

sunsoil cbd hemp extract

Bestseller: SunSoil Cinnamon CBD Oil 20mg

Members say they love:

  • The warming cinnamon flavor. They say it’s just the right amount of spice.
  • Taking it in the morning. They say it pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee.

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Our experts think you’ll love:

  • A fast-acting option. “Their extraction process uses coconut oil, and that helps the hemp extract absorb quickly. No mess format. No wait formula. Win-win!”—CM

RE: Botanicals

This modern-day apothecary honors age-old traditions while pushing forward with innovations that support healthier plants and a healthier climate. They’re USDA certified organic and prescribe to farming practices that reduce carbon impact and improve soil health.

rebotanicals cbd hemp extract

Bestseller: RE: Botanicals Organic Hemp CBD Relief Body Oil, Lavender

Members say they love:

  • The roll-on applicator. They say it’s mess-free and never greasy.
  • Applying it anytime, anywhere. They say it’s instant spa-at-home vibes.

Try Next: RE: Botanicals Classic Organic Hemp CBD Oil 50 mg

Our experts think you’ll love:

  • A hemp indulgence. “This is a top-shelf tincture. If you’re fully on the hemp-extract bandwagon and in search of a gold standard, this high-quality oil is it.”—CM

Want more to choose from? Shop all hemp extract brands on Thrive Market.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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