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The Surprisingly Painful Side Effects of Quinoa—And How To Avoid Them

Side Effects of Quinoa Infographic click here Food allergies are more common than most people may think [1]. People may be allergic to gluten, nuts, fish, dairy, eggs, soy, and even superfoods like quinoa. Some may not even know they have a quinoa allergy. Though this pseudo-cereal has skyrocketed to superfood status in recent years, ...

The Best Hemp Oil to Try Right Now

A year ago, it might have been hard to imagine the impact that cannabidiol—the chill, non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant you most likely know as CBD—would have on our daily lives. Legislation passed at the end of 2018 that removed industrial hemp from the list of controlled substances, making it legal in all 50 ...

All About Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Brands that embrace earth-friendly production processes to offer wellness products hold a special place in our hearts. Charlotte’s Web is one such company, and it was also launched based on a very personal and meaningful need—a quest to identify a cure for an ailing toddler. From there, it grew into a resource for people everywhere ...

Easy Ways to Support Your Endocannabinoid System (Without Taking CBD)

Today we’re adding endocannabinoid health to your list of must-know wellness terms. Why? Because your endocannabinoid system is your body’s largest neurotransmitter, delivering important messages to other systems, cells, tissues, and organs—keeping them all in balance. The system is comprised of receptors found throughout your organs and glands (more on that below!), and they’re doing ...

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Politics. Religion. Money. Hemp. All fall under “things not to talk about at the dinner table.” While the first three make sense, it’s strange that a plant that has been used since the dawn of humanity and has more than 25,000 known applications can still be so misunderstood today.

Beat That Headache! 5 Must-Haves to Numb the Pain

It seems just about everything in our modern world could be considered a potential headache trigger—from the rampant use of fluorescent lighting and eye strain caused by our addiction to mobile devices to frequent and unpredictable weather changes.

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Painful UTIs (That Don’t Involve Cranberry Juice)

Being a woman is awesome.

What Can I Do To Get Rid of Lower Back Pain?

I can’t seem to ease my lower back pain. I’m an active person, I use a standing desk at work, and try to stretch during the day, but nothing seems to help with the soreness. Are there any exercises I can do to release my lower back? —Peter F.

Natural Joint Pain Relief

Nothing makes you feel old like achy, creaky joints. Wrinkles? They’re easy enough to write off as laugh lines. Gray hairs? Cover them up with a few highlights. But the first sign of joint pain is enough to make you think—okay, my glory days are behind me.

Painful UTI? Learn About 4 Surprising Causes

Alright, real talk: Urinary tract infections or UTIs are annoying, painful, and downright rude.

Say Goodbye to Painful PMS Symptoms Once and For All

One day, everything is sunshine and daisies, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the clouds roll in and things get dark.

Beat Back Pain With These 4 Strengthening Exercises

Feel like you’re seeing your chiropractor more than your significant other? Eighty-five percent of Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, so you’re not alone.

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