Sunsoil Is Setting New Standards for Organic Hemp Extract Oil

Last Update: September 27, 2022

Keep things simple. That’s the unofficial motto of Sunsoil, a premium CBD company based in the hills of Hardwick, Vermont, that launched in 2015. This region east of the state capital is buzzing as a hub for “agripreneurs”—startups with an eye for innovation when it comes to agriculture and sustainable economic development.

Founders Jacob Goldstein and Alejandro Bergad were drawn to Hardwick’s fertile land and easy access to pure water. They also appreciated the community’s deep farming roots, which made it possible to quickly implement organic farming methods and natural processing practices to create Sunsoil’s exceptional hemp line.

Although the founders were sold on Vermont as the location of their company, the harsh winters pose a challenge—and made for a stressful launch. “We’re truly vertically integrated, and that means at the beginning of our process we breed our own seeds,” Bergad says. “We had little time in the winter of 2015 to grow seeds for the spring planting season. In northern Vermont, it seems to always be a race against the clock and the weather. Our seeds matured only days before planting.”

“Because we bred our seeds here in Vermont, they’re well adapted to conditions up here,” Bergard says. Sunsoil pays close attention to the soil and how to care for it, providing optimal conditions for each hemp plant’s 150-day lifecycle. As a result, the company enjoys robust crop yields year after year. It was also one of the first large U.S. hemp farms to earn USDA Organic certification.


The plants grow in the greenhouse until early June when they’re transported to sun-drenched fields to mature. Within 100 days of the move, the hemp is ready to be cut. Harvest time is always a community affair. “It’s a great chance to benefit from the generations of agricultural experience and know-how in Vermont,” Goldstein says. In September, harvest lasts six weeks, and plants are picked by hand at the peak of fluorescence, which is when the CBD oil content is at its highest. This year, Sunsoil will be hiring more than 100 people to help with the hemp crop.

While other companies may add coconut oil to their CBD after the extraction process, Sunsoil is unique in that it uses organic coconut oil as its extractive agent (as opposed to carbon dioxide or alcohol.) Sunsoil also uses the whole plant to draw out its CBD, which helps preserve all the cannabinoids and terpenes in their natural ratios. “Through scale and efficiency we’re lowering the cost and broadening the reach of our products without sacrificing quality. We simply provide a product people can trust from a company they can feel good about supporting,” Bergad says.

The whole crop takes months to process, but extraction is complete in 24 hours. The CBD is then sent to three different International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified labs that test for cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals. Once Sunsoil receives the results, it adjusts the concentrations and sends the CBD for a final review before bottling.

The process may sound straightforward, but it’s the result of a lot of behind-the-scenes problem-solving and innovation. “There was no path in front of us. We found a better way to extract CBD [using coconut oil] and use proven, efficient farming methods. The quality of this product has been a pillar of our success,” Bergad shares.

How to Experience Sunsoil


For hemp extract oil newbies, Goldstein recommends 20mg as a starting point. “For those who wish to start with less, our tinctures come with graduated droppers that allow for precise servings so people can decide exactly how much CBD to try,” he says. Another thing to keep in mind: Sunsoil recommends waiting four to six hours before trying additional servings.

Ready to try Sunsoil yourself? Check out these products:

Sunsoil Chocolate Mint CBD Oil 10mg

This 60 mL bottle of premium, organic CBD oil features a delicious chocolate mint flavor. According to Thrive Market member, Allan, it’s “the best value CBD” he’s found on the market.

Sunsoil Cinnamon CBD Oil 20mg

Spice lovers will enjoy the flavor of this CBD oil. “I think we really nailed the flavor here. Those who enjoy cinnamon are going to love this!” Goldstein shares.

Sunsoil CBD Oil Softgels

If you prefer capsules, you’ll appreciate this container of 90 softgels that are easy to swallow and include 20 mg of CBD per serving.

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