DIY Essential Oil Beaded Bracelet

May 20, 2019

Now you can bring the soothing aromas of essential oils with you on the go. This DIY bracelet can be designed with beads in your favorite colors and scented with any aromatherapy blend to suit your mood. Once you gather the materials and ingredients and put the bracelet together, it’ll give off its healing aroma for months. This is a fun activity to do in a group—so consider rounding up some friends for a crafty gathering!

DIY Essential Oil Beaded Bracelet

What you need

Air-dry clay (recommended: Das clay brand)
Piercing bead pins with drying rack
⅛-inch letter stamps
Beading needle
.7mm stretch bead cord
Essential oils of choice
Assorted round colored beads
Small letter stamps
Piercing pins
Drying rack


Make the beads:
Prepare a small bowl of cold water. Since the clay can dry out if exposed to air, cut off one piece at a time. Work a small piece by hand, kneading for 1 minute, or until pliable and soft. To make beads the same size, use a ⅛-teaspoon measuring spoon; fill it with clay, then remove any excess. Roll clay in the palms of your hands to form a small ball; place ball into the bowl of cold water. Continue making balls with remaining clay. After several minutes, remove one ball at a time and set on a paper towel; carefully roll around to dry, then roll in the palm of your hand again to reshape.

Gently pierce the center of one ball with a piercing pin. While slowly pushing into the ball, twist the pin until it comes through the other side, ensuring the pin is positioned evenly through the bead. Gently stamp with letter stamps. Place in drying rack and let dry for 24 hours. (If you don’t have piercing pins and a drying rack, you can use thick sewing needles and styrofoam, just pierce the needle into the styrofoam straight up.) After beads have dried, add a few drops of essential oils on each bead that has a letter stamped on it. Let dry.

Assemble the bracelet:
Measure the cord size of your wrist. Add 6 inches to that for tying the knot. (It’s important to pre-stretch your cord by pulling on each end before stringing.) Thread your beading needle, then string your beads on the cord while it’s on the spool (this will stop beads from falling off the cord.)

To place the essential oil beads in the middle of your bracelet, begin with 7 colored beads. Measure the bracelet around wrist, then add or take off any beads, if needed. Place your clay beads on the cord, and finish with more colored beads. Cut cord with an extra 3 inches on each side of the beads. Tie cord in double knot and tug on each side of the string to lock the knot. Cut excess string, leaving 1 inch on each side of the knot, then loop any excess string back through the colored bead, which will make it extra secure and help keep the cord from untying. Stretch the bracelet a few times. When clay beads lose their aroma, add more essential oils.

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