Healthy Obsession: Baby Soft Lips Start With This Sweet Scrub

December 31st, 2015

Sure, we know sugar can wreak havoc in our bodies. But when it’s applied on to the body? Well, that’s a different storyespecially if we’re talking lips.

If the winter winds and brisk air have left your lips dried, chapped, and flakey, don’t pout: Eco Lips has the perfect moisturizing sugar-based scrub to fix that. And the best part? It tastes and smells like cookies!

This heavenly-scented lip treatment is made with organic, fair trade–certified sugar that gently exfoliates dry lips. It also boasts three nourishing, organic oils—coconut, olive, and jojoba—for serious moisture once the rough skin has been buffed away.

Since it’s made of all-organic, natural ingredients, this treatment is 100-percent edible (and incredibly delectable, might I add)—just in case you scoop a little too much out of the jar. A personal favorite is the brown sugar, but other equally effective and delicious flavors include mint and vanilla bean.

Photo credit: Alicia Cho

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