Keeping Families Together and Changing Lives, One Ornament at a Time

Whether they’re family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, or handmade by your kids, ornaments are among the most personal holiday decorations we put up every December. Some ornaments, however, have an even deeper significance: They change lives.

How One Company is Transforming Food Waste Into Something Delicious

In sub-Saharan Africa, one of the poorest regions on Earth, more than 70 percent of the population depends on farming for its livelihood and survival. And yet up to 40 percent of their annual harvest never gets sold or eaten. Such losses are equivalent to a year’s worth of food for 48 million people—a travesty ...

6 Surprising Beauty Uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ask 81-year-old beauty icon and actress Sophia Loren what her anti-aging secret is, and she might tell you it’s “the odd bath in virgin olive oil.”

Thrive Tries It: Can a Single Product Replace 18 Different Household Items?

Given all the research that we’re not as good at multitasking as we think we are, I vowed to try and break the habit. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t love multitasking products.

Dressing Alternatives That Make Any Salad Better—and Better for You

Jaws dropped when it was revealed that McDonald’s kale salad with asiago Caesar dressing has more fat, sodium, and calories than a Double Big Mac. Part of that has to do with the fact that there’s fried chicken on top—and then there’s that calorie-bomb dressing.

Healthy Obsession: A Good Night’s Rest Starts With This $12 Product

Ever wonder why you sleep better at hotels? Sure, it may have something to do with the fact that you’re on vacation. But there’s another secret weapon ushering you into dreamland—and it’s not the piece of chocolate on your pillow.

These Sprouted Chips Can Help You Eat Your Veggies

Eat your veggies: three words every person has heard at least a dozen times in their lives. While there’s no doubt that consuming a plate of steamed greens is always a good idea, let’s be honest here—it’s not always the most fun.

Color Your Valentine’s Day Pink With This Plant-Based Food Dye

What would Valentine’s Day be without pretty-in-pink sugar cookies and fire engine–red cupcakes? But while these bright bites are festive, they might not be the best thing for our bodies. A growing body of evidence has linked artificial food dyes to health risks ranging from allergy-like reactions to ADHD and even cancer.

Thrive 5: NFL Legend Terrell Owens Shares His Favorite Game Day Snacks

As Terrell Owens famously said when signing with the Dallas Cowboys in 2006, “Get your popcorn ready!” This year, the NFL legend looked to Thrive Market to get his popcorn—and other nutritious snacks—ready for the big game.

Healthy Obsession: The One At-Home Workout Accessory Everyone Should Own

Massaging muscles, strengthening the core, easing back pain, smoothing out cellulite—is there anything a foam roller can’t do?

A Strange Celeb Weight-Loss Trend Inspired This Line of Fruit Snacks

When Fruigees co-founder David Czinn first noticed college girls devouring baby food during a pre-med class in 2012, he was stumped.

Healthy Obsession: Toxin-Free Tampons Solve This Big Period Problem

Ask anyone who’s met her monthly visitor, and she’ll tell you straight up: As necessary as tampons are, they can be seriously scary. And these days, the toxic shock syndrome horror stories are spreading like wildfire, making women question whether they should switch to pads after all.

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