Healthy Obsession: Salt Lamps Give Us Good Vibes

October 22nd, 2015

A couple days ago we showed some love for the Maldon Sea Salt Flakes we sprinkle on anything and everything we eat. Today, we’re all about Evolution Salt Co.’s  salt lamps because, well, it was love at first light.

While nothing new (they’ve been prized for centuries), Himalayan crystal salt lamps remain red-hot today thanks to their warm glow and long list of benefits. We’re talking air purification, reduced allergies, better sleep, increased alertness, and improved mood, here. Your average desk lamp this is not.

Hard to believe that a giant piece of salt with a bulb in it can be so life-changing, but it’s true.

To make a long, scientific story short, here’s what happens. Positive ions in the environment—carried by way of dust, microbes, pet dander, and “electro smog”—may be  harmful to our well-being. Salt lamps release negative ions which bind with the bad, positive ions and neutralize them, creating a much purer atmosphere.

Feel skeptical? Try it for yourself at up to 40 percent off at Thrive Market, and let us know what you think!

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