How to Prep for Fall (and Baby!) With Weeknight Bite

August 1, 2019

Lindsay Surowitz created Weeknight Bite as a way to share her happy place with the world. On the site, her nutrition practice, simple recipes, and wellness tips come together to inspire readers to live a healthy, balanced life. Below, Surowitz shares her tips for getting back into a regular routine, as well as how she’s preparing for a new baby to join her family this fall.

What does getting “back in session” mean to you?

For me, it means returning to my normal healthy habits when I’ve been off track for a bit. Most days, I’m in a pretty solid routine of waking up, working out, making a healthy smoothie, getting some work done, and cooking balanced meals at home. Whenever I’ve been on vacation or out of town for a bit, I actually miss and crave that structure. After a few days back in the routine, I always feel so much healthier and more energized.

Another great way to kick off a healthy routine with the changing seasons is a kitchen cleanout and refresher. Going through the pantry, fridge, and freezer is definitely a project, but it feels amazing to get out with the old and in with the new, fresh, healthy items. Having a stocked kitchen definitely sets us up for healthier habits and routines!

What are your favorite daily routines?

One of my favorite daily routines is taking my dog for a walk around the neighborhood while listening to a podcast. I love tuning into podcasts like Second Life or How I Built This and hearing different entrepreneurs’ stories of how they built their incredible companies and what they learned along the way. They always leave me feeling inspired and motivated. If I’m not starting my day with a walk, I’ll make sure to do another form of exercise, maybe a Pilates class or an at-home weights workout. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, getting some activity in really sets the tone for the day.

Another routine that I’ve come to love is definitely my smoothie routine. I have a bunch of recipes on my blog and Instagram for delicious smoothies that help me stay full and satisfied for hours. I used to be such a snacker, but once I got hooked on these smoothies, I not only felt better, but also had so much more energy and was able to stay focused on my work rather than constantly wandering into the kitchen in search of my 10 a.m. snack. Usually on the weekends, we’ll go out to brunch, which is a fun change from the weekday smoothie routine—but I do love the fact that when Monday morning rolls around, I have a solid routine that sets me up for a healthy day!

Despite being a nutritionist, I have a major sweet tooth! So, one of my daily routines that I look forward to is having a little sweet treat each day. I’m so grateful for Thrive Market, since there are so many healthier dessert options and brands that I love. I can easily work those treats into my routine while still feeling great. (I’m addicted to the Hu Kitchen chocolate bars!)

What are the daily routines you want to get better about (or maybe try) in the fall?

That’s a great question, because that’s exactly when my entire routine is going to majorly change! I’m due with my first baby at the end of October, so I honestly have no idea what our new routine (or lack of routine!) will be at that point, but I’m really looking forward to it!

How does Thrive Market make a new routine easier?

When it comes to eating a healthy diet, Thrive Market makes it so easy! To be able to order my favorite brands that use the best-quality ingredients and have everything delivered so quickly right to my front door is priceless! As soon as I’m running low on my staples (you can see all of my favorites here), I’ll order a box of them so I’m never without healthy options in my pantry. I also love ordering the meat and seafood boxes so my freezer is stocked with the best-quality protein options. That way, when it seems like there’s nothing in the fridge for dinner, I can grab the frozen salmon or shrimp and quickly thaw it and serve it over something like coconut cauliflower rice. (I always have frozen cauli rice for that reason!) I find that when I’m out of a lot of my favorites, that’s when I get out of my routine and make food choices that I wouldn’t normally go for, or end up ordering in. So being on top of my Thrive Market orders really does help me stick to my healthy cooking and snacking.

How has your routine changed since becoming pregnant? What foods are you eating more or less of?

Oh man—the first few months, I couldn’t even look at salmon or chicken or salads. All I wanted was quesadillas, pizza, and bread. Carbs and cheese on repeat! Rather than forcing myself to eat things that sounded unappetizing, I just tried to make the best choices I could. If I was making a quesadilla, I’d go for a grain-free tortilla and use organic, grass-fed cheese. Knowing how important it was for me to have protein, sometimes I’d turn it into a breakfast quesadilla and throw some scrambled eggs in there. I’d mix some greens in with the eggs, too, just to check that box and feel good about getting some veggies in! When it came to my smoothies, I only wanted peanut butter. So, I’d make my Almond Butter Cup Smoothie with peanut butter and I’d throw a giant handful of spinach in there, which made me feel good because I just couldn’t stomach a salad. I was able to get creative with satisfying my cravings while still trying to make my meals as healthy as possible. Now that I’m 26 weeks pregnant and it’s been so hot out, I’m craving all things light and refreshing! I’m so happy to be back to eating big salads with protein and avocado and tons of veggies, cooking my normal dinners, and actually wanting to eat my normal diet again! Fruit has been a big thing for me lately, too—give me all the cold, juicy peaches, pineapple, and watermelon. I can’t get enough!

How are you using Thrive Market to make paleo-based decisions with baby in mind?

I tend to feel better when I eat less grains, so when I’m home, I try to stick to a paleo-style diet. Buying snacks on Thrive Market like grain-free crackers (I love Jilz, Flackers, and Simple Mills) or grain-free chips (Siete Foods) makes it super easy to satisfy those salty, snacky cravings while still feeling my best. Because I like to treat myself from time to time when we’re out and about (ice cream has been my weakness!), sticking with paleo sweets at home has been key. Between my Hu chocolate, Simple Mills cookies, and Thrive Market Coconut Macaroons, I’m pretty much set!

Since getting pregnant, I’ve been much more conscious of the types of products I’ve been using and making sure that they’re safe for both me and the babe. It’s so nice that I can get things like organic belly butter, shower products, prenatal teas, and even supplements at the same time as stocking up on all my pantry essentials!

Other than food, what clean home and clean baby supplies are you stocking up on for the fall?

I literally get all of my cleaning supplies from Thrive Market. My laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, dishwasher detergent, all-purpose spray, everything! I haven’t started stocking up on baby supplies quite yet, but I love that there are so many natural, organic options for everything from baby wipes to sunscreens to toys that are made without plastic or toxic paints!

What are your favorite snacks and quick recipes for school or for work?

For lunch, I love to pack up a few Salads-in-a-Jar for an easy grab-and-go during the week. You put the salad dressing in the bottom of a Mason jar, then throw in your crunchy veggies, then layer your salad up to the top with the greens going last. Seal it up, and when you’re ready to eat, all you have to do is shake it up and pour it onto a plate! Sealing the jars keeps them fresh for several days, so it’s a really easy thing to prep for the week. I also love these Waldorf Salad Wraps for lunch, which could be made with tuna or chicken, and these Tuna & Veggie Sushi Rolls. For both of those recipes, I always get the wild, sustainably-caught tuna from Thrive Market. For snacks, I always keep a bag of raw mixed nuts on hand, or I’ll pack some hard-boiled eggs, veggies with Romesco Sauce or hummus, or some No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites!

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