Is Thrive Market Worth It? Yes—5 Real People Explain Why

Last Update: December 21, 2023

The most popular day of the week to go grocery shopping is Saturday, and the average trip to the grocery store takes 41 minutes. If you’re happy spending a hefty chunk of your precious weekend battling crowded parking lots and long checkout lines, no need to read on.

If you feel like there’s got to be a better way, you might want to stick around. Same goes for anyone who wants to eat healthier, lower their carbon footprint, and support brands they believe in, all while sticking to their budget. Everyone from busy parents to wellness influencers to chefs to climate activists has figured out that the best place to shop for healthy and sustainable groceries is at Thrive Market

How Much Does a Thrive Market Membership Cost?

A Thrive Market membership costs $59.99 for one year, or you can choose a monthly membership for $9.95 per month. So is Thrive Market worth it? Well, for that amount, you get:

  • Affordable prices on the most-loved healthy and organic brands
  • Exclusive access to high-quality organic cooking essentials, snacks, cleaning supplies, and personal care products available only to Thrive Market members
  • Easy, one-click shopping for every diet, lifestyle, season, and occasion with our expert-curated shopping lists
  • Fast and free carbon-neutral ground shipping to your doorstep, nationwide
  • Tips and support from certified health coaches

Plus, every paid Thrive Market membership supports our Thrive Gives program, which grants free annual memberships to individuals and families in need. (If you’re interested in becoming a Thrive Market member and believe you may qualify for Thrive Gives, click here to learn more.)

Still not 100% convinced? Our one million members think Thrive Market is worth it — read on to find out why.

5 Reasons a Thrive Market Membership is Worth It

1. You’ll love saving money on healthy groceries and sustainable products

Yes, you can buy healthy, organic foods and other essentials without spending your whole paycheck. With Thrive Market’s members-only prices, you save up to 30% on the best brands and highest quality healthy and organic products. If you order specialty foods, Thrive market actually saves you money.

“Organic items in the grocery store are double the price of the regular items. At Thrive Market there are so many products that are organic AND affordable.” —Grace, California

“Thrive Market makes it easy for us to make healthy choices for our busy lifestyles and for our planet while also being affordable and extremely convenient. Due to Thrive Market’s affordable options, our household was able to cut all single-use plastic in the past year.” —Meredith, Colorado

Member favorites: Chomps Grass-Fed Beef Sticks, Regeneratively Grown Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Raw Cashews, Regeneratively Grown Organic Coconut Oil 

2. You’ll enjoy peace of mind thanks to our high quality standards.

We stick to strict quality standards when it comes to the products on our digital shelves. That means banning GMOs, prioritizing ethical supply chains, and scrutinizing ingredient labels. 

“I work as a clinical nutritionist, a mental health counselor, and I’m a wife and a mom. I don’t have time to go to multiple different stores to get quality products. But I know that the ingredients in our food and in the products around us matter—they affect our mental and physical health. Thrive Market is a great resource for me to get quality products with good ingredients. If you don’t have a [membership] I’m not sure what you’re waiting for; it really is a no-brainer.” —Dana

“I’m being treated for cancer and I take my diet very seriously—mostly plant-based, organic foods. Thrive Market has a phenomenal selection of the foods I need to keep me as healthy as possible for as long as possible.” —Ramae, Minnesota

Member favorites: Thrive Market Organic Oat Milk, Thrive Market Organic Refried Pinto Beans, Sun Warrior Protein, Thrive Market Non-GMO Plantain Chips

3. You can cross grocery shopping off your to-do list, because Thrive Market makes it easier than ever.

From our easy-to-use app to our expertly curated shopping lists to fast and free carbon neutral shipping, we make grocery shopping one less chore on your to-do list. For those of us with busy schedules, a Thrive Market membership is worth it.

“I love that it’s one-stop shopping, and the app makes it even more convenient. The discounts and free products have opened my eyes to a lot of items I wouldn’t have tried. And I don’t even have to leave the house.” —Kim, Utah 

“We moved [to Joseph, Oregon] to open a wellness practice and it is remote! Although there are stores, we can’t get all the things we need. Thrive Market makes it possible for us to live out here in a place we love and still enjoy all the food we love to eat.” —Rachel, Oregon

Member favorites: Thrive Market Organic French Roast Coffee, GoodPop Organic Freezer Pops 

4. You can find thousands of products that fit your lifestyle.

Plant-based? Keto? Food allergies? With more than 90 filters for diets, certifications, and values, Thrive Market makes it simple to shop by what’s important to you, so you can do healthy your way.

I’m highly allergic to wheat, and I also like to cook keto. Thrive Market caters to all of that. It’s great for people who don’t have time to go to multiple stores to find what they need to fit their lifestyle.” —Meredith, South Carolina

“I discovered Thrive Market when I found out I was gluten intolerant. In my search for how to cook gluten-free I found Thrive Market. I have been a member ever since and I have never looked back.” —Mandy, Texas

“I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and started the autoimmune protocol diet. Since then I’ve lost 70 pounds, I’ve controlled my flares, I’m so much healthier than I was, and Thrive Market has a lot to do with that. Shopping by my diet makes it so much easier for me, and I find products I didn’t know existed.” —Michelle, New York

Member favorites: Cybele’s Free to Eat Superfood Pasta, Jovial Organic Grain-Free Cassava Spaghetti, Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Granola

5. Your membership gives back.

Every paid Thrive Market membership supports free annual memberships for individuals and families in need, and every purchase is a vote with your dollar for a more equitable and sustainable food future.

“I’m a sustainability project manager for an impact investment and asset management firm. I was proud to have led the Certified B Corp journey for my own company and I know it’s not an easy process, and one of the hardest social and environmental certifications a business can get. Being a Certified B Corp means Thrive Market’s supply chain is thoughtful and responsible, that they consider the impacts of their decisions on all stakeholders, and that they’re using their business as a force for good.” —Lauren, California 

“Thrive Market makes an effort to limit their impact on the environment. Every time I place an order, no matter how big the order is, it always comes in just one box. I also respect how Thrive Market makes it easy to buy from minority-owned businesses. I really like spending money with a company whose values align with mine.” —Jared, Virginia

Member favorites: Red Bay Coffee, Pulp Pantry Veggie Chips, Alter Eco Chocolate

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Testimonials were solicited from actual Thrive Market members who chose to share their individual experiences as a member of Thrive Market.

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