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How to Spot Greenwashing (And How We Avoid It at Thrive Market) 

Have you heard the term “greenwashing” before? It refers to products or companies that use marketing to appear like they’re good for the planet through the use of vague or misleading labels and identifiers or unregulated claims.  While these products may seem like better options for your health and for the environment, they often don’t ...

Celebrate B Corp Month With These Products from Thrive Market

Becoming a B Corporation (or a “B Corp”) is one of the highest certifications a business can receive to back up their efforts toward environmental and social responsibility. B Corps are the leaders in their respective industries; the companies that walk the walk, so to speak, when it comes to ingredient transparency, ethical sourcing, and ...

What Does B Corp Mean?

Business as a force for good—that’s the ethos behind B Corp certification. This shared vision brings together brands from vastly different industries, all with the belief that the world’s most pressing challenges cannot be solved by nonprofit organizations or governments alone. These brands—including Thrive Market, we’re honored to say—believe that every day is election day. ...

Say Kia Ora to These New Zealand Brands at Thrive Market

New Zealand: an island country filled with jagged, rocky fjords, golden beaches, and mountain ranges straight out of a fantasy film. It’s also home to a robust wellness culture that boasts independent brands creating thoughtful products using ingredients unique to New Zealand. “Kiwi producers have a unique connection with the land and sea known as ...

What We Can Learn From Chomps’ Commitment to Animal Welfare

Chomps doesn’t shy away from a challenge. In a world where coal-powered factories take precedence and animal welfare is second priority to profit—Chomps is committed to doing the complete opposite. The company has a net positive environmental impact and all of their products will be Certified Humane by the end of 2021.

Meet the Companies That Put Animals First

Slathering on sunscreen before a day at the beach means you’re protecting your skin from the elements, but there’s more to that squirt of SPF than meets the eye. And the same goes for a swipe of lipstick or a dollop of shampoo because unfortunately, the cosmetics industry has a dark side.

High Protein Vegan Foods You Should Try

Going vegan is a lifestyle choice that more and more people are now starting to adopt. According to a national survey conducted by Harris Poll, 8 million adults are meat-free, including 3.7 million adults that report to be vegan (which means abstaining from all animal products and byproducts, including dairy).

Here’s Everything You Need to Solve On-the-Go Beauty Emergencies

Twenty miles from civilization you feel a zit swelling up on your nose. Where’s that blemish stick when you need it?

4 Simple Switches to Make Over Your Skin Care Routine for Summer

Things heat up, ocean waves mellow out, and faces take on a dewy glow. Everything changes during summer—and your skin care should, too.

A 3-Ingredient, Korean-Inspired DIY Sheet Mask to Tighten and Brighten Skin

Take a look at the #kbeauty hashtag on Instagram, and what do you see? A collage of clean, glowing faces, interspersed with pictures of colorful packets covered with beauty buzzwords like “moisture”, “pore-refining”, and “collagen”, along with a slew of characters from the Korean alphabet.

3 Easy DIY Lip Stains Made With Pomegranate, Berries, and Beets

Remember pretending a popsicle was a tube of lipstick as a little one? Or loving your Kool-Aid lips? At one point, a wine-stained pout was even trending.

Incredible Bentonite Clay Mineral Mud Bath at Home

Imagine King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra, King Herod, Napoleon, and Beethoven all slathered in mud even though they may not have even known the any mud bath benefits. According to some proponents of mud therapy, these dignified pillars of history weren’t afraid to get a little down and dirty.

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