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3 Ways to Pickle With Chef Megan Mitchell

Don’t throw out that pickle brine! We’ve got three inventive ways to repurpose it and get the most out of every jar. In today’s installment of Prep School, self-proclaimed pickle lover Chef Megan Mitchell shows us the light.

Kombucha Gummy Bears Recipe

[schema description]This is no ordinary gummy bear. A favorite childhood treat gets healthified thanks to kombucha—a fizzy drink brimming with probiotics—and grass-fed gelatin for a collagen boost. Though the recipe from Primal Kitchen founder Mark Sisson’s new cookbook is made with just three ingredients, it makes an impressive number of gummies to share with friends ...

Top Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipes

With a bottle of apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) in the pantry, you’re halfway to sipping good-for-you tonics, lemonades, and switchels. This versatile ingredient can do everything from help clean your kitchen to boost your shampoo, but today we’re busting out the mason jars and colorful straws to discover all the ways ACV ...

How to Make Kombucha

One of the most popular ways to add a little fermented fun to your diet is by drinking kombucha, a fizzy drink that’s fermented with a SCOBY—or symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.

Trend Spotlight: Fermented Foods

Whether gracing your favorite gastropub menu or appearing in superfood supplements, fermented foods are quickly gaining popularity. While fermentation might seem more like a science project than a food preparation technique, it has a long history in kitchens around the world, plus some health benefits, too. Here’s a closer look at this growing food trend!

Fermented Turmeric Iced Latte Recipe

[schema description]Turmeric is a bright orange root native to Southeast Asia that’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, as a quintessential spice in Indian cooking, and even as a natural fabric dye. New Chapter ferments its turmeric with probiotics and whole foods, which makes it easier for the body to digest. Just add a ...

These Are the Foods That Can Help Keep Teens and Tweens Acne-Free and Happy

Embarrassing. Self-conscious. Irrational. Dramatic. Full of rage. Ask anyone: this is what it feels like to cross that threshold from childhood to puberty. And it sucks. Tweens and teens have it really, really rough. Surging hormones take hold, which can bring on everything from extreme moodiness to insane sugar cravings to skin problems. Then, when ...

5 Foods That Help Gut Bacteria Flourish—and Why That’s a Good Thing

We spend a good portion of our lives trying to prevent bacteria from coming onto and into our bodies. We scrub down with antibacterial soap. We load up with antibiotics when we’re sick. But some of the most exciting health and nutrition science emerging over the last few years pertains to the benefits of bacteria ...

3 Probiotic-Packed Fermented Foods That Are Super Easy to Make

Probiotics are the key to a functioning gut, happy brain, and beautiful skin. And sure, taking a pill to ensure you get enough healthy bacteria in your system is fine. But wouldn’t you rather eat your way to better health?

Best Probiotic Foods

A real-life weight loss pill. It’s been tried—unsuccessfully—countless times by pharmaceutical companies. But it actually exists, and the secret ingredient is seriously surprising: probiotic bacteria.  

VIDEO: How to Make the Perfect Batch of Kombucha at Home

At $4 a bottle, a kombucha habit can seriously drain your wallet. But that tart, fizzy drink can be so irresistible.

Everyone Really Was Thinner In The 80s—And It’s Thanks To Bacteria

The 80s were a magical decade. The Berlin Wall fell, America sent its first woman into space, and French-cut thong leotards were invented.

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