Top Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipes

Last Update: September 28, 2022

With a bottle of apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) in the pantry, you’re halfway to sipping good-for-you tonics, lemonades, and switchels. This versatile ingredient can do everything from help clean your kitchen to boost your shampoo, but today we’re busting out the mason jars and colorful straws to discover all the ways ACV is fit to drink. Cheers!

What is apple cider vinegar?

ACV is made by crushing apples, pressing out the liquid, and adding yeast to help the natural sugars ferment. Once the golden liquid converts into alcohol, bacteria is added so the vinegar develops acetic acid, which is the main compound and active ingredient in ACV.

If you notice a light brown, murky liquid at the bottom of your bottle, that’s known as “the mother.” This cloudy sediment boasts small amounts of proteins, enzymes, amino acids, and fiber—particularly pectin from the apples—as well as good bacteria that gives raw ACV its probiotic power.

Drinking apple cider vinegar

Drinking ACV is one of the ways to reap its benefits. Here are all your FAQs—answered!

  • How much ACV to drink: When it comes to taking shots of apple cider vinegar, we dilute it in water with a ratio of three parts water to one part ACV. You can also mix up a flavorful tonic (recipes below!). If you want to keep it simple, apple cider vinegar and honey make a nice match—just add a squirt to sweeten your shot, if desired.
  • When to drink it: Give it a try before or after a meal. Or, if you prefer to start a new evening routine, you might enjoy drinking apple cider vinegar before bed.
  • Benefits of drinking ACV: Fans of ACV believe it aids digestion and may improve gut flora. Like other fermented foods, ACV may help feed good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipes

From citrus to savory bone broth, here are a few ways to inject more flavor into ACV-based beverages and broths.

Elderberry Switchel

Switch up your ACV routine with a switchel, a simple fermented drink. This version mixes up four ingredients (elderberry syrup, apple cider vinegar, ginger, and water) and lets them steep overnight. It’s great if you’re feeling under the weather or just want to help keep colds at bay.

Orange-Thyme Switchel

Enhance a glass of freshly squeezed OJ with maple syrup, thyme, ACV, and sparkling water. This drink is perfect for brunch or just jazzing up a slow Sunday morning, and the sweet and herbal combo is spot on.

Slow Cooker Bone Broth

Plug in your slow cooker, place your ingredients in the pot, and watch the magic unfold. Onions, leeks, and garlic add savory notes, and herbs and earthy bay leaves lend extra freshness. Use this bone broth as a base for soups, or sip some on its own with an extra splash of ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic

Help settle your stomach after a big meal with this easy-to-make tonic. Prep it in advance with ACV, maple syrup, water, and ginger, and it’ll be ready to go after you’ve cleared the dessert plates.

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