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Clean Beauty is for Everyone. That’s Why We Made f.a.e.™

In a world of $17 superfood smoothies and luxury yoga retreats, it can seem like health and wellness are only for those with money to burn.

Skincare for Your Scalp: Why Scalp Health is So Important

While it’s common to complete a multi-step skincare routine on your face each day, you probably don’t put much thought into your scalp health—and as a result, you could start to notice some itchiness, flakes, oil, and other uncomfortable issues. There’s a delicate balance to the health of your scalp’s microbiome, and if that balance ...

Color Hair Care Routine With Juice Organics

Keep color-treated hair looking vibrant long after you leave the salon with Juice Organics’ Color Protect hair care.

Should You Be Worried About How Much Hair You Lose In the Shower?

Living with 120 girls is a great reminder of just how much hair humans lose on a daily basis.

The Clean Way To Get Rid of Head Lice—That Actually Works

Selfies are the foolproof way to capture a moment and ensure the angles are super flattering. Even President Obama and the Pope have embraced the DIY way to snap a perfect pic. But what can’t be seen on camera is the hidden danger behind this picture-taking technique.

A Super Simple DIY Dry Shampoo, Sans Aerosol Can

At some point in the new millennium, going without shampoo became acceptable—chic, even. Many modern women have come to believe that the tradition of lathering up daily has been a dirty trick all along.

3 Ancient Beauty Treatments That Have Stood The Test of Time

Chinese royalty relied on jade rolling for dynasty after dynasty to rid the body of bad Qi—and more importantly, to ease wrinkles and boost a beautiful complexion.

This Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask Recipe Is Good Enough To Eat

Running a comb through your hair and hearing it crackle can be a painful experience.

Truth Time: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Bad news. “I can’t tonight, I’ve gotta wash my hair”, is no longer a valid excuse to get out of that blind date.

This Homemade DIY Hair Conditioner Outshines Store Brands

Ah, conditioner—the miracle potion that turns your tresses from dull to divine. Try to live without it and your hair will likely turn into a tangled, brittle mess. If you run out, it means a trip to the store to buy those precious chemicals. But could you make your own DIY hair conditioner? There are ...

5 Common Hair Problems—Fixed!

Ever find yourself talking back to the TV when a shampoo commercial comes on? “Oh, please, no one has frizz-free hair when it’s raining that hard.” Oh, to live in a world with no bad hair days. Hey, a girl can dream. The truth is, we all have a different head of hair with its ...

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