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You Won’t Believe What Raw Eating Did for One Woman

Angelica Xavier hadn’t been to the doctor in 10 years. Vegan, active, an avid yogi and runner, Xavier was the picture of clean living—she barely even caught a cold.

What Is Celiac Disease?

Gluten-free is still going strong. Every day it seems like there’s some new recipe to try, medical report to consider, or news item about to break the Internet.

Benefits of Exercise

Losing weight and leading healthier lifestyles rank consistently among the top New Year’s resolutions. While most people start strong right out of the gate, it doesn’t take long for the commitment to fade. In fact, only 46 percent of resolutions make it past the six-month mark, so staying motivated is crucial to transform a yearly ...

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

What’s not to love about new beginnings? The New Year brings with it bright ambitions and the desire for self-improvement—and the resolutions we make provide an active way to make those dreams a reality.

What to Get Dad for Christmas

While dad may enjoy certain things about Christmas—cutting down the tree, hanging the lights (and getting the credit for it), and even preparing the big feast for Christmas Day—let’s be honest, you might not always enjoy shopping for him.

Vitamin D3 Benefits

When it comes to talk of vitamins and their impact on health, sometimes it can be alphabet soup trying to figure out what each one does. While vitamin C has been branded as the option for immune support and E is regarded for its skin healing benefits, there are some key others that are just ...

Get More Sleep Now That It’s the End of Daylight Savings

Sleep. It’s one of the fundamentals of a happy, healthy life, and without a proper amount, you can quickly begin to notice a number of health issues like fatigue or even depression.

Does Chocolate Have Caffeine?

Does chocolate have caffeine? The short answer is yes. Caffeine. It’s fuel for millions of people around the world and, in recent years, a whole culture has grown around its primary source, coffee, creating record demand and leading to an onslaught of boutique brewers.

Beat That Headache! 5 Must-Haves to Numb the Pain

It seems just about everything in our modern world could be considered a potential headache trigger—from the rampant use of fluorescent lighting and eye strain caused by our addiction to mobile devices to frequent and unpredictable weather changes.

From Ants to Weevils: How to Naturally Banish 11 Pesky Insects From Your Home

Even if you think you live alone, whether you make your home in an apartment, condo, or mansion—you have roommates.

Benefits of Probiotics

Over the last several years, probiotics have become quite the buzzword in health circles and also promoted more and more by clinical doctors that are starting to understand just how essential they are.

Take 2 Cucumbers and Call Me in the Morning: Why Some Doctors Are Prescribing Veggies

The great father of medicine, Hippocrates, famously said the following: “Let food be thy medicine.” We haven’t always heeded his advice. The pharmaceutical industry has exploded over the last century, and the solution to most of what ails us has come to be found in a pill. But most doctors still say that many diagnoses—especially ...

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