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Get to Know the Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar With Poppi

Got apple cider vinegar? This multipurpose kitchen staple has a myriad of uses, from aiding in digestion to adding flavor to your favorite homemade salad dressing.  What makes apple cider vinegar different from, say, balsamic vinegar or white vinegar? Does apple cider vinegar really contain as many health benefits as people say? Read on to ...

A Natural Foods Expert on Thrive Market’s High Ingredient Standards

You can browse 5,000 innovative, health-conscious products on Thrive Market’s digital shelves. There are decadent chocolate bars with no added sugar, mac and cheese made from plants instead of dairy, and clean drinking water that comes from rain clouds.

Your Pots & Pans Could Be Toxic. Caraway Wants to Change That

When was the last time you took a good look at your pots and pans? We’re not just talking about scratches—we mean the actual materials used to make that kitchenware. If you’re drawing a blank, not to worry. Jordan Nathan, founder and CEO of Caraway, is here to help. In today’s Dining In feature, Nathan ...

6 Ways to Support Your Immune System + Minimize Germs

Building up a strong immune system is always top of mind during cold and flu season—but even more so this year with the rise of COVID-19 infections. While there are supplements you can take and disinfecting cleaning products you can buy, the most effective ways to bolster immunity are through simple, daily habits. Below, we ...

Disinfecting Cleaning Supplies: What We’re Stocking Up On

With recent concerns around the rise in COVID-19 cases, we’re taking extra care to keep our immune systems in top shape and making sure to regularly disinfect our surroundings.

Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Products, Tips, and DIY Recipes

We take time to ensure our food is free of preservatives, chemicals, and additives, but is it really necessary to do the same with our household cleaners? The truth is, many cleaning products on the market include harmful chemicals, which is why non-toxic products are a great option for maintaining a clean, healthy home. And ...

5 Surprising Reasons Your Kitchen Is Making You Gain Weight

April is here—and if you haven’t already jumped into spring cleaning mode (what, you decided to sleep in this weekend instead?), now’s the time to give the busiest room in your home a facelift.

Healthy Obsession: A Good Night’s Rest Starts With This $12 Product

Ever wonder why you sleep better at hotels? Sure, it may have something to do with the fact that you’re on vacation. But there’s another secret weapon ushering you into dreamland—and it’s not the piece of chocolate on your pillow.

Healthy Obsession: Toxin-Free Tampons Solve This Big Period Problem

Ask anyone who’s met her monthly visitor, and she’ll tell you straight up: As necessary as tampons are, they can be seriously scary. And these days, the toxic shock syndrome horror stories are spreading like wildfire, making women question whether they should switch to pads after all.

This One Product Will Make You Look More Youthful Than Ever

What do Audrey Hepburn, Grace Jones, and Cara Delevingne all have in common? Aside from being timeless beauties of their respective generations, each have a certain defining feature that gave them an unforgettable, fresh-faced look.

Guide to Our Best Natural Hair Products

Every now and then you might get lost in the eye-catching graphics and clever copy on shampoo and conditioner bottles promising the shiniest, healthiest hair ever. Guess what? They’re meant to distract from the ingredients list.

Why It’s Time to Break Up With Your Antiperspirant

Proponents of all-natural deodorant have long been making a pretty big stink (pun intended) about the potential health risks associated with conventional deodorants and antiperspirants.

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