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How to Add More Protein to Every Meal of Your Day 

While loading up on protein may be something typically reserved for athletes, everyone can likely benefit from adding more protein to their diet. Protein is essential for every person, at every stage of life, no matter how active you are.  Protein, whether it’s from a meat or plant-based source, does a few essential things for ...

How ALOHA’s New Kona Bar Supports Agriculture and Education in Hawaii 

If you wanted to capture the flavors of Hawaii in a snack, you’d probably want to start with some of the island’s signature ingredients, like coconut, Kona coffee, and macadamia nuts.

What the Heck is the Carnivore Diet?

It’s a common icebreaker: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

63 High Protein Low Carb Foods to Eat on a Diet: Complete Guide

Just because you’re eating a low-carb, high-protein diet doesn’t mean meal prep has to feel like a rollercoaster ride filled with highs and lows. You can find plenty of Mark Sission tips that provide great meal ideas. One of the best tips for low-carb, high-protein eating is to plan your meals in advance [1]. Keeping ...

Chickapea Makes Better-for-You Pasta That Helps Fight Food Insecurity

There are lots of grain-free pasta brands out there, but how many help fight climate change? How about work to reduce food insecurity in their community? “At Chickapea, we’re on a mission to create good for the world through nutritious, organic meal options and impactful social contributions,” says Shelby Taylor, Founder & CEO of Chickapea. ...

High-Protein Snacks: How Chomps’ Humane Animal Treatment Boosts Nutrition

If you’re all too familiar with that midday rumbling in your stomach, it might be time to up your snacking game. High-protein snacks are crucial for maintaining energy during a work day or weekend adventure. And why? Protein’s perks are numerous—it helps you feel fuller longer, it’s the building block of your muscles, and it ...

Say ALOHA to the Best Plant-Based Protein

If you care about what’s inside your food, reading ingredient labels is probably a well-established habit. But coconwhen considering a new protein powder, snack bar, or drink, we’re also interested in what’s not on the label, which is why we’re smitten with ALOHA. By nixing soy, gluten, stevia, and non-GMOs, this plant-based protein brand makes ...

Dr. Axe on the Benefits of Adding Collagen Powder to Your Diet

If you’ve ever struggled with joint discomfort, a lack of collagen may be to blame. According to Dr. Axe, our joints, connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, gut lining, and arterial walls are all made of collagen. “Our body needs collagen’s building blocks—proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. If we’re not getting those amino acids, our body is ...

Meet The ICONIC Brand Revolutionizing Protein Drinks

To manage high cholesterol and chronic acid reflux, ICONIC Protein CEO and founder Billy Bosch made an appointment with his doctor, who prescribed him a series of pills. Instead of filling the prescription, Bosch turned to a registered dietician who nixed the Rx and suggested a diet full of protein and fiber, and less calories ...

What Is Whey Protein?

Believe it or not, choosing the right protein can be a very personal decision. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, gain muscle, or just increase your daily nutrient intake, there are a few factors to consider. Then there’s your diet to think about. Are you vegan or do you follow a plant-based diet? Are animal-based ...

Lava Flow Smoothie Recipe

[schema description]There’s an easy way to get into your morning flow, and it doesn’t involve hiking up an active volcano at dawn. Just head to the kitchen and blend up a tropical-inspired coconut smoothie base (with 20g of protein per serving!), then swirl a sweet strawberry sauce over the top. To help with morning prep, ...

How to Add Protein to Every Meal

Protein power! Today we’re taking a look at this essential nutrient that helps you stay full, fuels your day, and supports your body to keep it energized. Read on for all the powders, bars, and recipes you need to keep protein front and center in your diet.

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