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Coconut Red Curry Soup Recipe

This recipe is part of the Healthy Reset Meal Plan, our 5-day program of make-ahead breakfasts, throw-‘em-together lunches, and quick dinners designed to help you cook and eat healthy while minimizing waste.

A Smoky, Savory Gluten-Free Ramen Recipe

Behold, the magic of wonder noodles! This quick-cooking ingredient is made from a starch found in the konjac yam that has been used for centuries in Asian cuisine, and it’s a perfect addition to your pantry to help make dinner in a flash. Pair with your favorite sauces for a gluten- and grain-free take on ...

How This Award-Winning Cookbook Author Keeps Mealtime Interesting

For Sarah Copeland, an award-winning cookbook author, Food Network veteran, and mom-of-two, food is much more than fuel. “I learned from my dad that deliciousness trumps all,” she says. “He is big on healthfulness, but will not relinquish deliciousness or pleasure—or just plain fun—in the name of health alone.”

Why You Should Have an Instant Pot

Have you embraced the Instant Pot craze yet? If you’re on the fence, allow us to convince you why this small appliance is a total kitchen must-have. (And if you’re already a proud owner, read on for our best Instant Pot recipes.) In this post, learn how to choose the size that’s right for you, ...

25 Best Comfort Food Recipes

We know you’re probably in desperate need of a big bear hug from your bestie, neighbor, or extended family member. Except … social distancing. We don’t know when the restrictions will lift, but we can help you eat your way to a better mood through some quality home cooking. From vegan mac and cheese and ...

Low Carb vs. Keto

Whenever you change up your eating routine, there’s bound to be a bit of a learning curve. Practicing paleo is a lifestyle change that involves focusing on caveman-inspired ingredients and habits (like limiting screen time at night), while Whole30® guides you to give up gluten, grains, legumes, and other ingredients for 30 days to help ...

Make This Comforting Stew Part of Your Whole30® Reintroduction Plan

A 30-day recipe reset is only the first step to completing a full Whole30® program. After eliminating potentially problematic foods, you’ll reintroduce those ingredients into your diet over a period of 10 to 14 days, then observe how your body responds. This hearty stew is flexible enough to swap in a variety of reintroduction foods ...

How to Cook Scallops

Are you the kind of person who loves ordering scallops from a restaurant menu, but rarely cooks them at home? We’ve been there. Scallops can seem like an extra-special dish that’s reserved for nice dinners out—but they’re far too tasbrty to eat only on rare occasions. Plus, this shellfish is quick cooking and the perfect ...

Bring on the Comfort: Instant Pot Whole30® Chicken Soup

Whole30® meets comfort food on today’s episode of Prep School. Megan Mitchell’s got a soup recipe for those cold winter nights—and it swaps noodles for zoodles to work with the program. So plug in your Instant Pot, and a steaming bowl will be ready for you in only 30 minutes.

8 Things to Cook With Ground Beef

Nothing against New York strip, ribeye, or chuck roast, but when it comes to quick-cooking beef cuts, grass-fed ground beef has an edge. We’re always on the lookout for easy things to cook with ground beef because, like you, we have nights when we need dinner on the table ASAP. This post has all the ...

7 Best Instant Pot Recipes for the Keto, Whole30® & Paleo Diets

‘Tis the season for new kitchen gadgets! If you’re now the proud owner of an Instant Pot (or are already a convert and looking for some new dishes to try), these seven recipes really show the range of what this tool can do.

How to Make Homemade Bone Broth From Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

Put your Thanksgiving leftovers to work! In this episode of Prep School, Megan Mitchell shows you how to simmer a rich, homemade bone broth using all your leftover ingredients like herbs, onions, garlic, and of course, the turkey bones. She also offers a few different methods—stove top, pressure cooker, and slow cooker—depending on how much ...

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