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The Best Ways to Cook Healthy Frozen Foods—No Thawing Required

If you’ve been bypassing the frozen aisle when you shop, it’s time to take another look. Why? Because a well-stocked freezer is a home cook’s secret weapon for fast, flavorful, and healthy meals. Famed Italian chef Lidia Bastianich encourages cooks to make their freezer “a treasure chest” and Camilla Marcus, owner of LA catering company ...

How to Transform Thanksgiving Leftovers into Meals for Days

Even if you’re preparing a smaller Thanksgiving feast this year, the traditional spread is richer than your average dinner—which means you’re still likely to have some leftovers (and isn’t that half the fun anyway?).

10 Tasty Recipes for Wilted Produce

Think your produce is past its prime? Don’t be so quick to toss ’em! Just because a carrot goes limp, a banana becomes speckled, or hardy greens turn slightly yellow, doesn’t mean they can’t make a statement in your next dish. Here are some of our best ideas for turning wilted vegetables into dishes worth ...

Keto Cloud Bread Recipe

[schema description]This bread is light as a feather (no flour required!), and makes the perfect base for keto-inspired sandwiches. Be sure to watch the video to master the technique. The “cloud” is made by whipping egg whites into stiff peaks—each round is then scooped onto a parchment-lined sheet tray for baking. [/schema]

Sweet Potato vs. Yam: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to sweet potatoes versus yams, it’s just a case of po-tay-to or po-tah-to, right? Not so fast. These two tubers aren’t as interchangeable as you might think, and today we’re getting to the root of the issue to find out what really makes them so different.

Cooking With Sweet Potatoes: Recipes, Tips, and More

If the humble sweet potato isn’t getting much love in your kitchen, let’s change that. And this tuber is good for more than roasting. Although there’s nothing wrong with topping one with all the fixings and calling it a meal, we have a few more ideas up our chef’s-coat sleeve, like gnocchi, waffles, and even ...

Spicy Taco Skillet Recipe

[schema description]What takes veggie-forward taco filling to the next level? Spicy taco sauce. Aside from the punched up flavor, we love that it’s totally pantry-friendly thanks to an organic ketchup base, plus spices like chili powder and onion powder. From taco salad to fried eggs, you’ll want to drizzle this sauce on everything—trust us.[/schema]

What Are Coconut Aminos?

If coconut aminos sound too intimidating to incorporate into your cooking, consider this: You might be overlooking a healthy, super-tasty soy sauce alternative! There’s a reason this superfood seasoning is quickly gaining popularity as a miracle in a bottle—and it’s not just because of its many health benefits. Here’s what you need to know about ...

Cholesterol-Free Diet Options

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 71 million Americans have high cholesterol, which means there’s never been a better time to explore what it means to eat a cholesterol-free diet! Whether the urge to change habits is self-motivated or coming from your doc, you’ll not only boost your intake of key vitamins and ...

Vegetable Rosti With Spinach and Strawberry Salad

[schema description]Rosti—a Swiss potato dish that’s traditionally served for breakfast—is healthy comfort food at its finest. It’s hearty enough for lunch or a light dinner, especially served alongside a fresh spinach and strawberry salad. Although you may be tempted to bypass the step of thinly slicing two pounds of potatoes, it helps reduce the liquid ...

Tempeh, Vegetable, and Kelp Noodle Stir-Fry Recipe

If you’ve never tried kelp noodles, they will become a family favorite. A great alternative to wheat and rice noodles, they’re the perfect addition to any stir-fry.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad Recipe

[schema description]Lighten up your holiday meal with this refreshing salad tossed with sharp, salty cheese, bright lemon zest, and clean mint. The irresistible flavor combination just might win over the Brussels sprouts skeptics at the table![/schema]

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