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Learn How This Holistic Approach to Self-Care Can Help You Find Balance

The past few months have pushed all of us to reassess how we are practicing self-care. Taking deliberate steps to care for our mental, emotional, and physical health is incredibly important, now more than ever. And while these habits are developing new significance in our own lives, health-boosting practices such as Ayurveda have been integral ...

Find Peace at Home: Setting Up a Space to Recharge

For many of us, personal space is at a premium these days. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out, it’s time to create more peace at home. Since we’re spending so much time indoors, even small shifts like moving a candle to your nightstand or trying a new tea blend can go a ...

Beyond the Mat: Gravity and Grace with Peter Sterios

Peter Sterios has an impressive resume. The architect-turned-yoga-teacher practices his own approach to yoga, called LEVITYoGA. He also founded the yoga gear company Manduka, taught yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiatives, and was invited to the Pentagon to share how yoga can benefit U.S. Marine Corps. And now, he’s published his ...

Ready, Set, Yoga: Meet Jennifer, Your Very Own Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” To me, this is why yoga is so important—because the basic practice puts you in charge of your own healing and empowerment, which will then transform the world for the better.

The Only Asanas You Need To Experience Emotional Breakthroughs

It’s becoming more and more common to hit the yoga studio to relieve stress and boost positive energy—but many people don’t often expect to emerge from the mat in tears. But it happens—and it actually means they’re doing something right.

Make This DIY Yoga Eye Pillow For the Most Relaxing Meditation Ever

If your favorite part of your yoga class is chillin’ in savasana, you’ve got to try this DIY yoga eye pillow.

Fitness Mythbuster: Is It Really Bad To Leave Class Before The Stretch?

The clock strikes 8:03 a.m., but the bubbly fitness instructor doesn’t look like she’s making her way to dim the lights or soften the music anytime soon. Instead, she chirps, “We’ve got one more song!”—tacking on at least another five minutes to a class that’s already running over time.

Break Up With Your Snooze Button for the Best Sleep Ever

There’s nothing like the blaring sound of the iPhone alarm at sunrise… And then again 15 minutes later… And then again 30 minutes later. The self-inflicted torture of the snooze button is something most of us are all too familiar with–but there are some pretty solid reasons to quit this bad relationship.

How to Not Get Fired: Easy Tips to Be More Productive at Work

There’s a reason why they call it work—after all, sitting at a desk all day isn’t exactly a party. But getting distracted at the office can cost you.

What Should You Eat After a Workout? Depends On What You Did at the Gym!

You’re laying in savasana after a particularly challenging hot yoga class, decompressing after 90 minutes of hard, sweaty work when without notice your stomach rumbles loudly enough to knock the namaste out of the yogi next to you. Whoa, time to refuel!

Want to Feel Inspired, Energized, and Radiant? Check Your Chakras

It’s a classic case of confusion: Your yoga teacher calmly instructs you, “Open your heart chakra and let your mind-body connection flow” in the middle of class, and you ohm in agreement. But you’re actually thinking, “Wait, what?”

Get the Best Rest of Your Life Without Sleeping a Wink (Really!)

What if one hour of yoga and meditation could equal the restorative effects of four hours of deep sleep? It’s a thing, and it’s called yoga nidra.

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