This Kitchen Tool Is the Key to Healthy Smoothies, Creamy Soups, and So Much More

Last Update: October 9, 2023

When smoothies last infiltrated popular culture in the early 2000s, they looked a whole lot different. Popular chains used sherbet and frozen yogurt in most of their drinks—some topped out at more than 100 grams of sugar per serving.

Though you’ll still find some sugary smoothies today, most of the juice bars or vegan restaurants these days are focused less on fro-yo and instead on leafy greens and other healthy ingredients. The more superfoods you can cram in there, the better. And interestingly, more and more consumers are making their own. In 2014, an estimated 60 percent of all the frozen fruit purchased went into smoothies.

And now, there’s an even better way to make ’em. Neither a blender nor a juicer—the NutriBullet is in a category all its own. This machine uses a mechanism called nutrient extraction to transform fruits and vegetables into smoothies. It actually breaks down plant cell walls, turning skin, seeds, and pulp into a silky purée.

This process also makes it easier for your body to absorb all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you put inside. Unlike a juicer, the NutriBullet also retains all of the pulp and fiber. That helps slow down sugar absorption, preventing a blood sugar spike post-smoothie.

Plus, it couldn’t be easier to use. Just fill it up with fresh fruits and veggies, twist the top into place, and blend away! The original NutriBullet is perfect for smoothie newbies: with 600 watts of power, it’s strong enough to make everything from green smoothies to gluten-free pancake batter. If you plan on blitzing oats into flour or making nut milk in your NutriBullet, you might want to spring for the slightly more powerful 900-watt Pro model.

Whichever model you go with, you’ll be ready to make nutrient-packed smoothies and cold drinks that taste amazing. Get started with these classic combinations packed with fruit and vegetables. Bonus: They’re all vegan and Paleo-friendly!

5 smoothie ideas we love

That’s not to say you’re limited to smoothies, as we mentioned. You can use your NutriBullet the way you’d use any high-speed blender or food processor. It’s especially handy for making creamy soups and vegan desserts.

Here’s just a few recipes you can make in using your NutriBullet:

Check out NutriBullet’s NutriLiving blog for more than 700 healthy recipes, advice from registered dietitians, and much more! Follow NutriBullet on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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