This "Second Skin" Makes Wrinkles and Eye Bags Disappear Instantly

May 16, 2016
by Dana Poblete for Thrive Market

Every Monday, we're rounding up the biggest news bites in health and wellness. In this week's episode: Scientists have finally come up with a way to smooth out wrinkles, and it actually works—in just seconds!

Also covered: More tough news for meat lovers—it literally might be shortening your lifespan.  In fact, one NFL football player found a hidden danger when he went on a steak and burger binge in Mexico and discovered there was more than just hormones lurking in the meat—he tested positive for a drug that's a big no-no in the league. We'll also explore why hormones may be to blame for your hangriness. It's all in our Weekly Feed!

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One thought on “This "Second Skin" Makes Wrinkles and Eye Bags Disappear Instantly”

  • Heidi E Honey

    I'm tired of the red meat bashing! Were those expert studies done on pasture raised beef and/or venison? or just fast food hamburgers? and as far as putting the polymer on my face; 24 hours is pretty good, but it really doesn't solve the skin problem; just shores it up with non-natural stuff that has to be put on again and again! Being on Thrive; I thought this would really be healthy. natural ideas shared! Quite disappointed!

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